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Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond
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Artifact Index

The Written Word

Proto-cuneiform pictograph tablet ca. 3200 BC
Isin-Larse cuneiform tablet ca. 1800 BC
Other pictograph and/or cuneiform tablets ca. 2200–1500 BC

The Inspired Word

Dead Sea Scroll fragments
  • Unknown fragment
  • Leviticus 10:4–7
  • Deuteronomy 8:2–5
  • Deuteronomy 27:4–6
  • Daniel 5:13–16
ca. 50 BC
Aleppo Codex ca. AD 920
Greek Gospels Codex 11th century
Yemeni Torah Scroll 16th century
Iraqi Torah Scroll 17th century
Moroccan Torah Scroll 1903

The Translated Word

Lindisfarne Gospels ca. AD 700
Wycliffite New Testament ca. 1395
Latin (Vulgate) Illuminated Bible leaves 12th–15th century
Illuminated Book of Hours leaf 1460
Illuminated Choral Book leaf 15th century
St. John’s Bible 2005–07

The Printed Word

Gutenberg Bible ca. 1455
Fust and Schoeffer Bible (fourth Bible printed) 1462
Koberger Latin Bible leaf 1497
Works of Erasmus ca. 1515–30
Complutensian Polyglot Bible 1521
Luther Bible 1534
Tyndale New Testament (printed by Richard Jugge) 1534
Coverdale Bible leaf (first Bible ever printed in England) 1535
Matthew's Bible 1537
Great Bible 1540
Stephanus Greek New Testament 1550
Bartolomé de las Casas original tracts 1552–66
Geneva Bible 1560
Bishops’ Bible 1568
De Reina Spanish Bible (first Bible in Spanish) 1569
Rheims Catholic New Testament (first Catholic Bible in English) 1582
Cipriano de Valera Bible (first revised Bible in Spanish) 1602
King James Bible (Great “He” Bible, large folio, Black letter edition, first printing) 1611
King James Bible (Great “She” Bible, large folio, Black letter second edition) 1613
King James Bible (quarto, Roman letter first edition) 1613
King James Bible (quarto, Black letter first edition) 1613
King James Bible (large folio, Black letter third edition) 1617
King James Bible (large folio, Black letter fourth edition) 1634
King James Bible (large folio, Black letter fifth edition) 1639/40
King James Bible (large folio, for 400th anniversary) 2009
Hebrew Torah Commentary Leaf 1618
Huguenot Psalter 1650
Huguenot New Testament and Psalter 1740
Macklin Bible (largest pulpit Bible ever printed) 1800
English Hexapla New Testament 1841
A New Biblia Pauperum 1885
Doves Press Bible 1903–05
Gutenberg Bible facsimile 1988
Arion Press Lectern Bible 2000
Lindisfarne Gospels facsimile 2003

The Word in the New World

Eliot Indian Bible (first edition) 1663
Eliot Indian Bible (second edition) 1685
Saur Bible (first German Bible printed in America) 1743
Aitken Bible (so-called Bible of the American Revolution) 1782
Hieroglyphick Bible (first Bible of its kind printed in America) 1788
Carey Douay-Rheims (first Catholic Bible printed in America) 1790
Collins Bible (first American family Bible) 1791
Isaiah Thomas Folio Bible 1791
Self-Interpreting Bible (American printing) 1792
Greek New Testament (first American printing) 1800
Greek Sepuagint (first American printing) 1808
Hebrew Bible (first American printing) 1814
Noah Webster's "Modern English" Bible 1833
New Testament in Chippewa 1833
Gospel of John in Mohawk (leaf from first printing) 1836
Bible in Hawaiian (leaf from first printing) 1838
Book of Genesis in Cherokee (leaf from first printing) 1856
Confederate States of America Bible 1862
New Testament in Dakota 1866
Pentateuch in Choctaw 1867
Lunar Bible 1970
Digital Bible 2010–Beyond

Note: The collection of artifacts may change without notice.