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Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets are priced as follows:

  • Adults $18/person
  • Seniors $12/person
  • APU Faculty/Staff $12/person
  • APU Alumni $12/person
  • Military Personnel $12/person
  • Groups (15 or more) $12/person
  • Students $8/person
  • Children (12 and under) $5/person

When is the exhibition open?

August 1–29
Friday–Saturday: 10 a.m.–8 p.m.
Please note that the latest entrance time available on these days is 7:15 p.m.

Sunday: 12–6 p.m.
Please note that the latest entrance time available is 5:15 p.m.

Are discount tickets available?

Discount tickets are available for groups of 15 or more, at the discounted price of $12 per person. For group sales, please call (626) 815-5494.

Can tickets be returned in the event that I’m no longer able to attend the exhibition?

No. All ticket sales are final, with no refunds or exchanges available.

Do I need a reservation to attend?

Reservations are highly recommended. If you do not purchase tickets in advance, there is no guarantee that your preferred time slot will be available when you arrive.

If I decide to visit the exhibition a second time, will I get a discount?

Exhibition passes are now available. For $30—less than the amount of two general-admission tickets—you can have unlimited visits and access to the Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond exhibition.

Just bring your I.D. and original ticket voucher, which will be credited toward your exhibition pass, to the Event Center ticket office. All you pay is the difference. It’s that simple!

How do timed-entry tickets work?

Tickets to Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond are offered at hour intervals. Guests should arrive at the exhibition entrance at the time listed on their tickets, considered the “queuing time.” Entrance to the exhibition will occur within 15 minutes of this time. For example, if you have an 11 a.m. ticket, you will enter the exhibition between 11 and 11:15 a.m.

How long will it take to view the entire exhibition? May I stay longer?

On average, most guests spend an hour in Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond. You may stay as long as you wish during hours of operations. However, your ticket covers a one-time entrance. No re-entry is allowed. Please use the restroom facilities before entering the exhibition, as there are no restrooms inside the gallery.

Are food and drinks allowed in the gallery?

No. In an effort to protect the delicate artifacts on display, no food or drinks will be allowed in the gallery.

Is there a way to enhance my visit?

Absolutely. A viewbook detailing the artifacts in the exhibition will be on sale for $15.95. In addition, an audio tour will be available through personal cell phone use during the exhibition. Your standard call plan rates apply; no additional fees are charged. You may dial a given telephone number and hear about a selection of showcased pieces.

Am I allowed to take pictures or video in the gallery?

Yes. You may take pictures in the gallery, provided that the camera flash is not used. Video is not permitted.