Meet the Staff

  • James Cacciatore, Assistant Director of Dining Services
  • Daniel Durfort, Executive Chef

Cornerstone Coffeehouse

  • Molly Morton, Manager

Mexicali Grill

  • William Morris, Manager
  • Micheal Munoz, Supervisor

Paws ’N Go

  • Mary Mandella, Manager

Cougar Walk Café

  • Monique Arnold, Supervisor

Cougars’ Den

  • Paul Grether, Manager
  • Refugio Simental, Assistant Manager
  • Francisco Ocegueda, Supervisor
  • Nabil Nazir, Supervisor

1899 Dining Hall

  • Maged Gerges, Manager
  • Lauren Tolson, Supervisor
  • Camille Forgy Supervisor
  • Harry Heersink, Chef
  • Nicholas Chacon, Chef
  • Cedric Njiru Chef

Glendora Café and Bakery

  • Kathy Eary, Manager
  • Armando Ronquillo, Supervisor
  • Dean Gotto, Bakery Production Supervisor
  • Augustine Abrego, Baker
  • Hany Makarious, Baker

Heritage Court

  • Abraham Hakobian, Senior Manager
  • Ana Marie Lopez, Supervisor
  • Sam’s Subs

    • Michelle Leopold, Supervisor
    • Mark Chow, Supervisor
    • Kelli Ann Joy, Cook

    Culinary Support Center

    • Martha Cerrato, Manager
    • Ruben Paniagua, Supervisor
    • Javier Calle, Cook II
    • Zoila Benitez, Cook II
    • Ruby Saucedo, Cook II
    • Francine Calvary, Cook II
    • Guillermo Alvarado, Dish Room Supervisor


    • Pamela Crute, Head Chef
    • Jesus Vargas, Cook
    • Angela Arebalo, Assistant Manager
    • Mahesh Pradhan, Supervisor
    • Ruth Dean, Catering Manager
    • Melanie Reeves, Assistant Catering Coordinator
    • Melissa Middleton, Assistant Catering Coordinator