About the Program

Experience Ecuador

Spend a semester in Quito, Ecuador, learning and experiencing the rich culture of the community, studying alongside faculty and peers, and participating in practical internships. Throughout the semester, participate in excursions to local sights including the Galapagos Islands and Amazon jungle.

In collaboration with Living and Learning International, students participating in APU’s Ecuador Semester can participate in a study abroad program focused on learning South American culture, Spanish language, and practical application within ministry, service-learning, or an internship experience in a developing nation.

The semester exists to provide an academically excellent semester where students will engage the challenges of a developing nation and learn to respond with an appropriate Christian worldview. This program is designed for college-age students who desire to grow in their ability to integrate Life AND Learning; to integrate their walk with God with the realities of struggle, poverty and injustice in a desperate world; to not just add knowledge or travel to their lives, but to understand, with wisdom, God’s calling on each of us.

Living and Learning Program Goals:

  • Education – Classes like Spiritual Formation, Worldview, Spanish, and others.
  • Service – Practical experience and opportunities through internships.
  • Intentionality – Life-impacting interaction with staff and faculty.
  • Cross Cultural – Setting that gives learning opportunities: home stays, language, etc.
  • Adventure – Traveling to the Amazon Rain Forest and Galapagos Islands.
  • Community – Living and learning with other college-age students.
  • Ministry & Mission – Partnership with other believers and the Church in Ecuador.

For additional information, visit the program website, email studyabroad@apu.edu, or call the Center for Global Learning & Engagement at (626) 857-2440.