What You’ll Learn

The Online Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or Internship Credential (PASC) offers a dynamic leadership credential program designed to help school administrators develop the vision and skills needed to transform educational environments.

Candidates gain a strong conceptual knowledge of how students learn and the leadership and management actions necessary to support student learning by examining best leadership practices and school policies. Embedded field experiences allow candidates to engage in hands-on learning, applying the knowledge and skills gained in their courses to the school environment.

Which Program is Right for You?

Candidates who already possess a master’s degree in education may complete the seven concentration courses in school administration and the supervised field experience to be eligible for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC). Students not holding a master’s degree should enroll in the combined Online M.A. in Educational Leadership and PASC program leading to the credential with a master’s degree in educational leadership.

Preliminary Administrative Services Internship Credential Option

The Online Preliminary Administrative Services Internship Credential meets the need of school districts by allowing them to employ candidates who have not yet completed all credential requirements. Upon receiving an offer of employment, candidates can immediately acquire the internship credential. This two-year credential entitles them to assume the full responsibilities as a California school administrator while completing the university program.

Candidates benefit from joint mentoring and supervision by the university and nominating districts and by attending monthly seminars with other first-year administrators. Upon completion of the program, they apply for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential that allows them five years to complete requirements for the Clear Administrative Services Credential.

Designed for the Working Professional

At APU, we understand the challenges of earning your degree while juggling work, family, and other commitments. Our programs are designed to make attending Azusa Pacific simple, so you can reach your educational goals.

Flexible Format

The dynamic online format of the program offers students the flexibility of taking courses when and where it works best for them. Students benefit from courses designed to maximize their interaction with other students and professors, creating a rich learning community. For many, the online format is the easiest, most convenient way to balance work, school, and family.

Convenient Schedule

The online administrative credential offers students a sequenced course design that can be completed through five nine-week terms in just 15 months. For many, the online format is the easiest, most convenient way to balance work, school, and family.

Time Commitment

While you do not need to be online during a specific timeframe, you should plan to be online 6–10 hours per week per unit to successfully complete assignments and participate in discussions.

All online programs include a two-week online orientation prior to the start of the first class. This offers you a chance to become familiar with the online format as you engage with helpful tutorials.

Graduate online programs follow APU’s Graduate Academic Calendar with most courses offered in nine-week terms.

Relevant Academics

Field Experience

Highlighted within the Field Experience Handbook, which is distributed within the first course, EDL 580 Leadership Induction, coursework and field experiences are immediately applicable as resources for curriculum planning, assessment of student achievement, decision-making, and program improvement.

The candidate assumes leadership responsibilities at a local school or district setting under the guidance of a site supervisor and university mentor throughout the program. Field experiences include intensive activities both in the day-to-day functions of administrators and in longer-term policy design and implementation. These experiences are closely related to the job performance requirements of administrators.

Coursework and field experiences work together to expand the candidate’s leadership capacity. While field experience activities are embedded into coursework through the alignment of Benchmark Assessments for Tier I Field Experience, candidates complete all requirements of the Tier I field experience by the completion of their final course EDL 586 Leadership Performance Assessment.

Case Study and Thesis Option

A case study is developed by each candidate based on a current topic of interest specific to his or her local school or district. It is initiated in the first two courses and developed in each of the succeeding five courses. Candidates present their case studies before an evaluative panel during the final course, EDL 586, Leadership Performance Assessment.

Candidates can also choose to complete a master’s degree thesis in lieu of field experience. Students communicate with the program director prior to enrolling in the third course, EDL 583 Educational Leadership and Change, to present a rudimentary research proposal. The program director and/or other full-time faculty are available to advise students who may be considering the thesis option.

Acquiring the Preliminary Administrative Services Certificate of Eligibility

Upon completion of the program, the candidate is encouraged to apply for the Preliminary Administrative Services Certificate of Eligibility. This certificate is evidence that the candidate has successfully met all developmental objectives and program standards to merit recommendation for the certificate. This document qualifies the candidate to apply for an entry-level administrative position in California school districts.

Upon being offered an administrative position, the candidate applies for and acquires the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. The administrator has five years to complete requirements for the Clear Administrative Services Credential. Candidates who do not immediately secure an administrative position apply for the Certificate of Eligibility, as there is no expiration date on the certificate.

Note: This information is current for the 2015-16 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.