About the Program

The program is offered in two distinct tracks to accommodate educators from various points of entry. The credential offers a Non-Intern track for those without a full-time teaching contract; the Intern track is for the currently contracted teacher. Students must see an advisor for proper placement in tracks with this credential program. Course content is application oriented, enabling students to take what they learn in the evening and use it in their classroom the next day.

Program Details

Recognizing that graduate students come with divergent professional goals and differing educational needs, Azusa Pacific University offers various paths toward the pursuit of credentials and degrees in education. For a limited number of individuals eager to pursue a Master of Arts degree and a credential program concurrently, the Master of Arts in Education: Special Education and the Mild/Moderate Disabilities Education Specialist (K–12) Preliminary Credential, Non-Intern presents an efficient educational package.

The Master of Arts in Education: Special Education provides the tools students need to make solid contributions in special needs classrooms. The instruction and coursework come from a distinctly Christian perspective, leading to a compassionate, caring, and ethical approach to teaching.

The Mild/Moderate Disabilities Specialist Preliminary Credential coursework is embedded in the Master of Arts in Education: Special Education. Many students opt to pursue both the degree and the credential simultaneously. Those who do render themselves highly marketable and eagerly recruited. Students who complete the Preliminary Credential are granted five years during which they must enroll in a Professional Clear Credential program.

The combined degree and credential programs are restrictive and faculty advisement and an admissions interview are required prior to enrollment in the program. The combined program is not appropriate for an individual serving on an Emergency, Pre-Intern, or Intern Credential with an urgent need to complete a Preliminary Credential in one year. A combined program may require more than one academic year.

Program Format

With program requirements and class times tailored to the working adult, APU’s School of Education programs fit your schedule.

  • Each on-campus class meets just one night a week for nine weeks. Most students take two classes per nine-week session.
  • Each on-campus class meets for five hours or less.
  • It takes most working individuals 18–24 months to finish the program, depending on requirements.
  • Six-week summer sessions are available for some courses.

Our Students

Aspiring and veteran educators from a variety of backgrounds pursue their graduate degree at APU. Most are adult students seeking to enhance their professional development, while others enter the program as a step toward a career change. Small class sizes increase opportunity for individual attention from expert faculty, making the education experience both relevant and personal.

Note: This information is current for the 2016-17 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.