About the Program

In the M.A.Ed. in Gifted and Talented Education and Single Subject Teaching Credential program, candidates learn to address the challenges of teaching gifted and talented students with individualized needs.

Candidates gain strategies for identifying and assessing gifted and talented students, creating effective teaching programs, and implementing advanced instructional practices appropriate to these learners. The program also examines the role of teachers in reaching diverse populations, including issues related to the at-risk and underachieving gifted.

All single-subject teachers receive certification to teach in a specific content area through their subject-matter competence, which is achieved either through completion of a CTC-approved subject-matter program or passage of the CSET in a content area appropriate for the field of teaching.

Upon completion of the combined degree and credential program, the candidate will have earned both a 2042 Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential with English Language Learner (ELL) authorization and the master’s degree.

APU offers two distinct tracks leading to the completion of this GATE master’s degree and credential: Non-Intern and Intern.

Non-Intern Track

This track is designed for traditional teaching candidates without full-time teaching employment in a K–12 school.

Intern Track

APU offers an Intern track specifically designed for the candidate who is teaching full-time in a public K–12 school. In addition to full-time teaching employment, candidates must possess an accredited bachelor’s degree and subject-matter competency (CSET). The program director verifies and approves appropriate employment settings prior to course registration. More than 170 California districts cooperate in the program, meeting the needs of public school teachers on intern credentials, as well as those teaching in private schools.

Single-subject candidates are encouraged to obtain a supplemental authorization along with their credential. This optional addition to the credential program authorizes educators, through additional coursework in another specific content area, to teach additional subjects if called upon to do so. For requirements and criteria regarding supplemental authorizations, please contact the credential analyst office in the Department of Teacher Education.

Note: This information is current for the 2014–15 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.