IDEA Course Evaluations

IDEA (Individual Development and Educational Assessment) is the university’s mechanism for evaluating courses. It is unique compared to traditional in-class teaching effectiveness instruments in three ways:

  • It focuses on student learning, rather than teacher personality, as the outcome.
    A teacher is considered effective when students acknowledge that they have made progress on important course objectives, not when they claim to like the professor.
  • It is nationally normed for an external comparison.
    IDEA results will show how your students’ learning compares to other students in classes of similar size and in classes with similar educational objectives. When possible, IDEA also provides comparisons by discipline.
  • It statistically adjusts scores for factors beyond a faculty member’s control.
    IDEA controls for class size and student variables, such as motivation and academic habits, that have been shown to influence students’ ratings of professors. Your final score will be adjusted to counteract these influences.