APU Policies for Using IDEA

How many courses do faculty evaluate?

Under the university’s Faculty Evaluation System, full-time faculty evaluate courses annually, using IDEA according to their contract length.

  • Faculty on 1-year and adjunct contracts evaluate 100% of their courses using the IDEA Diagnostic Form (PDF).
  • Faculty on 3-year contracts evaluate 50% of their courses using either the long or the IDEA Short Form (PDF).
  • Faculty on 5-year contracts evaluate 30% of their courses using either the diagnostic or the short form.
All courses should be evaluated at least once.

There are situations in which full-time faculty would like to evaluate a particular course (e.g., when adding a new teaching component to a course), and find out how students feel about their learning in that course, but do not want that course to be counted in their summary scoring for FES. On the Annual IDEA Scoring Sheet page in ActivityInsight, there is a link to a web form to request, with rationale, the removal of a particular IDEA score.

Should I use the short or diagnostic form?

The IDEA Diagnostic Form (PDF) is always recommended, as it provides information on 20 teaching methods known to be highly correlated with progress on learning objectives. Such information helps faculty identify strengths to retain, as well as areas to consider increasing use, that are related to the IDEA learning objectives the faculty member has chosen.

The IDEA Short Form (PDF) does not include these 20 teaching methods but may be more appropriate in certain situations (e.g., when a faculty member has established their teaching pedagogy and delivery and is comfortable with the data being provided by the students).