The Office of the General Counsel performs the following services for APU:

  • Responds to requests for legal assistance
    • Contracts Review: Provides comments on draft contracts to requesting departments
      (Except for extenuating circumstances, we will strive to provide our initial comments on draft contracts to requesting departments within ten business days after receipt of a request and all of the proposed documentation.)
    • Legal Advice: Provides legal advice to internal constituents of the university
    • Draft Documents: Prepares draft agreements and policies
    • Manage Litigation: Manages litigation involving the university to achieve university objectives
  • Proactively works to ensure legal compliance
    • Compliance Reviews: Coordinates legal compliance reviews based on a risk determination by the Office of the President
      • APU Compliance Calendar (PDF)
        This calendar outlines the myriad of reporting requirements that APU’s various departments that must comply with under federal, state, and local laws, and indicates when the reports are due. Please make sure your department is aware of its responsibility to meet these compliance deadlines.
    • Training Programs: Works with the Office of Human Resources to develop training programs and materials in areas of legal compliance
    • Contract Manuals: Develops contract administration manuals for departments with a high volume of contract requests

Please note that our office represents the university, including individual APU officials acting in their official capacities. Our office does not, however, represent individual faculty, staff, or administrators in personal legal matters outside the scope of their business as university officials.

Requesting Legal Assistance

To request legal review of a proposed contract or agreement, please submit the document to be reviewed along with the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Name of the document
  • Description of document

You may submit the document by either emailing us an electronic copy (preferred) or delivering a hard copy to our office. For hard copies of contracts or agreements delivered to our office, please attach a completed Contract/Agreement Request Form. (PDF)

To request any other legal services, or to set up an appointment, please contact our office.

Background Investigation/
Housing and Residence Verification

All student housing, residence verification requests, and background investigations are directed to the Office of the General Counsel.

A charge of $15 per request for this service is due from the student or entity requesting the information. The fee must be paid, by check or cash, to the Office of the General Counsel before information is released to the requesting party. If payment is by check, it should be made out to Azusa Pacific University. A receipt will be provided upon payment.

Fees include the gathering of documentation and/or information requested, collection and retention of Authorization and Release of Information forms dated and signed by the student or employee, and obtaining the proper identification of the requesting agencies or individuals, all while working within the parameters of applicable federal and state privacy laws.

Updated: February 25, 2013