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Field Format

The GLT program also features an optional field format: a network of “group sites” around the world that partner with GLT to provide a city facilitator with the responsibility of orienting, mentoring, and monitoring the placements of three to five students each semester. Group sites provide long-term involvement in, and reciprocal benefit to, select host communities.

As of 2012, these group sites include:

Students will travel to one of these group sites before being divided up, two by two, into select host communities. In their host community, students must complete the academic requirements while living with a local host family, interning with a community organization, and completing individualized research projects. The pairs live with different families and serve in different organizations, but reside in the same municipal area. Students must maintain the values of the full-immersion experience while providing the peer support necessary to cope with the cross-cultural and academic challenges.

Host Communities

The city facilitator identifies three to five urban poor communities that will host students in family residences and provide supervised internships. The following three general guidelines can be applied to selecting host communities:

Community Organizations

In each of the group sites, students will complete approximately 100 hours of voluntary service in community organizations that may focus on the following areas:

  1. Primary health
  2. Education
  3. Land rights and environmental health
  4. Business development
  5. Outreach to marginalized groups
  6. Church formation

Student Support Services

City facilitators provide the following services to GLT students: