Recommended Load

Students participating in the GLT program as Global Studies majors or minors are required to enroll, at minimum, in Family Organization, International Internship, and Global Study Project for a minimum total of 9 units. Non-Global Studies majors or minors wishing to study and serve abroad may also select from any of the options listed in the coursework section.

Students may work with their program advisor in the design of a research, service, language and culture learning, or family study project specific to their major field, and then consult with a GLT advisor on matters specific to cross-cultural preparation, on-field advisement, and course orientation. Out of these consultations, students will develop individualized learning contracts for each course. These contracts will carefully detail, depending on the course(s) desired, their proposed plans in terms of learning objectives, suggested readings, learning experiences, and reporting and grading procedures.

To determine what course load is best for you, consider your goals and length of time available. General guides are as follows:

Four Months (9-12 units)

Five to Seven Months (15-19 units)