Program Structure

The Global Learning Term program unfolds as a series of learning events—pre-field, fieldwork, and during the post-field phase. The description below outlines the program structure.

1. Pre-field Preparation

During the spring semester prior to their GLT, students complete the pre-field preparation course, GLBL 305, where they research country-, people-, and problem-specific materials, and set up their on-field program.

2. Homestay Welcome

Students travel to their field sites and are received by a national family who hosts them during most, if not all, of their program. Students complete the requirements for the course GLBL 325 within this family context.

3. On-site Orientation

During the first week in country, students orient themselves to their host community.

4. Intensive Language Study

Many students invest their first four to six weeks in intensive language study, combining small-group instruction with extensive community language practice. The course GLBL 101 structures and credits the process.

5. Internship Placement

The start time for the course GLBL 335 depends on the priority given to language study, and may be postponed until four to six weeks into the GLT. Other students might begin their internship by the second week. The internship organization and the homestay become near-ideal contexts for continued language practice throughout the term.

6. Community Research

Students typically start their community research projects (GLBL 350 and/or GLBL 340) after two to three months of structured involvement and relationship building within the host society. This allows them to draw upon their developed language ability, network of local contacts, and cultural knowledge in researching specific topics.

7. Intensive In-country Writing

Prior to returning home, students are strongly advised to take at least one week, while still in country, to write the first draft of their course reports. This enables them to summarize their learning and consult local resources for final pieces of information during a constructed period of time.

8. Intensive Post-field Editing and Portfolio Organization

Final GLT reports are due to the students’ program advisor by either January 15 or September 15 of the new semester. Students schedule their return flights and re-entry preparation to allow sufficient time (approximately two weeks) to complete final drafts of their course reports and to compile them into course portfolios.

9. Post-Field Analysis and Application

During the fall or spring semester following their GLT, students enroll in the post-field course, Intercultural Analysis, where they analyze and present their field learning, and explore various vocational opportunities.