While on their GLT, students typically complete three required courses—Family Organization, International Internship, and Global Study Project—for as few as 9 total units. Students also have an option to choose from three electives listed and take a maximum of 19 units while on GLT.

Each of these projects is completed in a self-directed manner. They are, however, highly structured. Each course includes a detailed field guide that provides step-by-step procedures.

GLBL 325 Family Organization
GLBL 335 International Internship
GLBL 350 Global Study Project
Recommended Electives
GLBL 101 Self-directed Language Learning I
GLBL 102 Self-directed Language Learning II
GLBL 340 Community Life

Submitting Reports

The academic work for each GLT course will be presented separately as a spiral-bound report or portfolio organized to include all the assignments described in the respective course profiles. The work you submit to the professor-of-record will be returned to you with comments and a grade.

All final, spiral-bound reports will be due according to the following schedule:

  • Work from spring and/or summer GLTs is due no later than September 15.
  • Work from summer and/or fall GLTs is due no later than January 15.

Any work submitted after these deadlines will be penalized one complete grade (e.g. an “A” portfolio will receive a “B”). This academic policy is necessary to:

  1. Discourage procrastination.
  2. Avoid interference with other coursework during your returning semester.
  3. Enable faculty advisors to submit your grades to the Registrar in a timely manner.

Those students who succeed in turning in high-quality work on time do two things:

  1. Complete all of their reading and most of their writing while in the field.
  2. Return from their GLT early enough to devote at least two to three full weeks to final writing, editing, reorganization, and duplication/binding.