Grading Expectations

After submitting each course portfolio, your academic advisor will evaluate it with four key criteria in mind:

  1. Completeness: Does the portfolio show evidence of having carefully followed project guidelines, and of having thoroughly read the approved academic materials?
  2. Descriptive detail: Does the report narrative (e.g. of family life, critical incidences, research findings) describe the phenomenon in rich, vivid detail? Is it “thick” enough to explain the behavior and context of behavior to an outsider?
  3. Analytic depth: Does the report relate key concepts and insights from authoritative materials as a means of interpreting the ideas and opinions contained in the “description” section? Does the analysis probe the cultural description for deeper understanding? Does it avoid cultural/national stereotypes?
  4. Writing quality: Is the report well-organized with clear divisions, smooth transitions, and interesting photos, making it pleasurable to read? Are paragraphs and sentences constructed well? Is the report relatively free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors? Is there correct and consistent use of a standard citation form? Does it avoid cultural/national stereotypes?