Preparing for Departure

Program participants should follow closely these steps when preparing to leave campus for their GLT destination:

1. Enrollment and Contracts

Enroll in and successfully complete GLBL 305 during fall or spring semester. Complete and obtain approval for the appropriate “learning contracts” for each of the GLT courses you wish to enroll in.

2. Departure Checklist

During the semester in which you are enrolled in Peoples and Places, complete all the items on the “GLT Checklist.” These items include passports, travel planning, registration, return-to-campus housing, financial aid, medical insurance, and learning contracts.

3. Registration

After each learning contract is developed and approved, you will register for a particular semester (i.e., summer, fall, or spring) by the on-campus deadline. Those starting or ending their GLT in the summer should register for the Summer Term (registration extends until June 15) and begin their GLT by June 15.

4. Leave of Absence

The minimum GLT is four months. That means that a June 15 start date would require field residence at least until October 15. That is why many students apply for a “leave of absence” for the semesters they will participate in GLT. Students may request up to two semesters of leave through the Office of Student Life. Failure to complete the required form, or to re-enroll at the end of the approved leave, will result in students having to reapply to the university and comply with any applicable changes.