Volunteer Offset Companies

Global Learning Term requires students to provide evidence of having purchased a carbon offset for all program-related air travel.

  1. Select a Voluntary Offset Company from the list below.
  2. Use the site’s online carbon calculator to determine the amount of carbon emitted from all program-related air travel. Then purchase the equivalent offsets.
  3. Print out a confirmation receipt for the carbon offset purchase.
  4. Attach that receipt to the completed “Global Learning Term Checklist.”
  5. Turn in the GLT Checklist, with receipt, to the GLT program director.

Each of the companies listed below has been highly rated by the Tufts Climate Initiative. Each supports specific carbon offset standards, assuring transparency and quality in the creation, quantification, and verification of offset projects. They also require that offsets be real, permanent, quantifiable, and independently verified in an annual audit conducted by an accredited third party.

Terra Pass

Terra Pass is a California-based company and the official partner of Expedia. Buy your plane ticket through Expedia and it will automatically calculate the amount of carbon emitted by your flight, then give you the option of purchasing an offset for that amount.


NativeEnergy is a U.S.-based for-profit company that allows individuals and businesses to purchase carbon offsets, and uses the funds to help finance construction of wind, biogas, solar, and other carbon-reducing projects.


Travelocity allows you to purchase offsets when you book on its site through its Go Zero project. It funds native tree-planting projects through the Conservation Fund. Travelocity gives you the option of adding activities to customize your trip. In the Table of Contents, select the Other Services category, then select the Go ZeroSM product and designate your donation amount before completing your booking.