Tuition and Fees

Students planning to leave for or return from their GLT during the summer (May 15–August 15) will receive a 75 percent discount off the regular (fall or spring) tuition rate.

Students who take Global Learning Term in the fall or spring semester will be charged the same as on-campus tuition plus international insurance. Students will receive the same financial aid and loans as if they were studying on campus. The same payment plan is available for spring and fall students.

Students wishing to take their Global Learning Term during the summer will be charged 25 percent of regular per unit tuition. There is no financial aid available for summer. Students can take out loans and should talk to the study abroad financial aid counselor if they wish to do so. Students wishing to take advantage of the summer-reduced tuition must depart for their summer term no later than June 15. If they are taking a leave of absence from spring semester to start their summer program early, they cannot return any earlier than June 15.

The following financial policy for international, study abroad, and off-campus programs at APU is found in the 2011–12 Undergraduate Catalog:

Students participating in international and off-campus education programs approved by Azusa Pacific University for student participation (i.e., programs sponsored by APU, such as the South Africa and Azusa Oxford semesters, or by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities [CCCU]), during either the fall or spring semester:

  • Will be charged standard, on-campus tuition except for more costly programs for which a higher tuition shall be charged to provide a minimum administrative margin of $500.
  • Will be eligible to receive their academic scholarship for only one semester of international or off-campus education programs (L.A. Term, South Africa Semester, or High Sierra Semester programs are not included in this limitation).
  • Will be eligible to receive federal, state, and other noninstitutional scholarships or fellowship funding for a maximum of two semesters of off-campus programs, limited to one semester per academic year.
  • Will be eligible to receive all other institutional aid only if participating in the Azusa Oxford Semester, South Africa Semester, L.A. Term, or High Sierra Semester. International students may qualify for an international scholarship.
  • Will NOT be eligible to receive scholarships that require on-campus participation (e.g., athletics and music).
  • May incur additional fees if they enroll in APU online and independent study courses while studying abroad.

Since international programs sponsored or approved by Azusa Pacific University during the interterm and summer are developed specifically with the intent to assist the student in supplementing and enriching her/his standard fall and spring semester education, and there is typically no financial aid available to assist with the cost of travel, the tuition is reduced to one-half of the standard summer school charge, except for programs where the tuition is higher than at APU, in which case the program’s tuition will be charged.

IMPORTANT: Those wishing to qualify for the greatly reduced tuition rate must depart for their destination country no later than June 15. Exceptions will only be by special petition, and on a case-by-case basis. Students will have to provide a compelling rationale for why they can’t leave by June 15. If approved, the petition will grant only a two-week extension (until July 1).