What to Expect

Professional Enrollment Services reviews submitted applications with transcripts to identify qualified applicants. After a decision is reached, an Professional Enrollment Services program representative notifies students of their admission status.

Upon acceptance, students receive information regarding the next scheduled registration meeting for the traditional program (or an online registration process for the online program), filling out relevant forms, taking applicable assessments, and being assigned to a cohort.

Note: Additional references and application materials may be requested and required. At the discretion of Professional Enrollment Services, applicants will be invited for a telephone interview with a faculty member and asked to demonstrate writing skills.

Classes and Cohort Start Dates

Some programs (Liberal Studies, BSOL, CL) begin as soon as enough students enroll to form a cohort, MIS/CIS begins in the fall and spring if enough students have enrolled, and nursing (RN to BSN) starts once or twice a year with a maximum of 22 students. The students form a cohort and complete the program as a group.

The MLOS program classes start in September and January. Registration is done the first night of class. The students form a cohort and complete the program as a group.

Types of Admission

Full Admission

Student has met all requirements for entrance into the program at the university and has submitted the required paperwork.

Provisional Admission – Undergraduate

Student has less than a 2.0 grade-point average on transfer credit and must petition for provisional admission. Completion of Term I with grades of C- or better will give the student full standing and eligibility for Term II.

Students will be notified of their admission status as soon as their files are complete and evaluated by the registrar. Students who have not completed the admission process by the start of class have until the end of the first term to complete the process.

Provisional Admission – Graduate

Students with an undergraduate grade-point average of 2.50-2.99 may be considered for admission on a provisional basis. Any student enrolled on a provisional basis must complete the first 12 units of their graduate work by achieving a grade-point average of 3.0 or better to qualify for full admission to the MLOS program and to continue their course work. All aspects of the applicant’s file will be considered, including rigor of the undergraduate curriculum, academic performance as an undergraduate student, work experience, personal references, and a personal goal statement.