Academic Review Policy

Because of the unique nature of their programs, non-traditional students are monitored under the following policy:

  1. Students with less than a 2.0 term GPA will be placed on academic probation. The student must attain a C or better for all courses in the following term.
  2. To remain in good standing, students are expected to maintain at least a 67 percent completion ratio and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
  3. Students who miss two or more sessions of one course may be required to retake the course.
  4. Students who miss three consecutive class meetings may be dropped at the end of the term and must apply for readmission if they wish to complete the program.
  5. Students who receive I or F grades for two or more courses may be dropped at the end of the term in which the student is currently enrolled. If such students wish to complete the program, they must first complete any incomplete courses and then request readmittance to another cohort.
  6. Any course for which an F grade was assigned must be repeated and successfully completed. Students must pay for repeating an unsuccessfully completed course.
  7. If provisional admission has been granted, completion of all courses in Term 1 with grades of C or better will give the student full admission and eligibility to continue into Term 2.

Failure to maintain a GPA of 2.0 may put the student in jeopardy for financial aid eligibility.

Attendance and Deadlines

Attendance at all class meetings is mandatory since a large portion of the learning is dependent on class activities. Students who miss part or all of a class must arrange with the instructor to make up time missed. Students who miss parts of a class will do alternate assignments designated by the instructor. Students who miss two or more of the class sessions in one course may be expected to retake that course. Students who miss three consecutive class sessions may be dropped at the end of that term and would have to apply for readmission to another group if they wish to complete the program.

It is the student's responsibility to adhere to deadlines. When deadlines are not followed, delays in grading will result, including the possibility of delays in tuition reimbursement or delayed graduation.

After a student has started with one class group, the associate director must approve any transfer to another group for make-up sessions.

Students who have not successfully completed their applied research project, including approval from both the assigned instructor and full-time faculty member, by the completion date designated for their class will be charged a Project Advisement fee which is equivalent to one unit of tuition.

Students who have not completed their portfolio before the completion date designated for their class group will be charged a Portfolio Assessment fee if they wish to have additional evaluations performed. The current fee for portfolio advisement is $100 per 12-month period.


Grades are based on daily work, classroom projects, and examinations. Scholarship is ranked as follows: A, exceptional; B, superior; C, average; D, poor; F, failure; I, incomplete; and W, withdrawal. For each credit in which the student is enrolled, points are awarded according to the grade earned as follows:

Grade A 4.0 points   Grade W 0 points Withdrawal
Grade A- 3.7 points   Grade IN 0 points Incomplete,
no paperwork
Grade B+ 3.3 points  
Grade B 3.0 points   Grade FN 0 points Failure, nonattending
Grade B- 2.7 points   Grade I 0 points Incomplete
Grade C+ 2.3 points   Grade NC 0 points No Credit
Grade C 2.0 points   Grade CR 0 points Credit
Grade C- 1.7 points   Grade P 0 points Pass
Grade D+ 1.3 points   Grade NG 0 points No Grade, Lab
Grade D 1.0 points   Grade AU 0 points Audit
Grade D- 0.7 points   Grade IP 0 points In Progress
Grade F 0 points   Grade NR 0 points Not Recorded

Incomplete Grades

“Incomplete” (I) may be assigned at the discretion of the instructor if the student has successfully completed half (50%) or more of the course requirements at a satisfactory level or better. Such a student must also continue to work toward completion through the last official day of the term.

An I grade is not automatically given. To obtain an incomplete, the student must communicate to the instructor about extreme emergencies which prevent the student from meeting the class deadlines. In addition, the student must fill out an official Incomplete form available from Professional Enrollment Services Registrar. After discussion with the instructor, and processing of the Incomplete form, an Incomplete grade may be granted for up to 12 weeks from date of issue. Petition for extension beyond the 12 weeks will be subject to review by the faculty member and the executive director. Incomplete grades not completed within this timeframe will automatically become an F.

Petition Process

A petition process exists for students who seek an exception to stated academic policies, procedures, and regulations. Academic General Petition forms are available from the PES Registrar.


Registration will be canceled for students who withdraw before attending the third class night. Students who withdraw after attending the third class night of the term will have a "withdrawal" (W) grade assigned for the course for which they were registered.

Students should submit their written withdrawal to the registrar. If a student fails to withdraw in writing before the third class night, the student may be responsible for the entire term's tuition and fees.

International students must apply through the International Center. Please refer to the International Center website, or call (626) 812-3055 for specific details regarding international admissions requirements, financial information, and other general policies.