Classes and Registration

Students must register for courses in order to enroll and receive academic credit for successfully completed courses. Students can enroll in Azusa Pacific University courses online at or submit a paper-based Enrollment Activity Form (PDF) by the returning student’s registration due date for the term desired.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is suggested for all students. Some programs require that this be completed prior to admission and/or registration of classes. Please contact the department for specific guidelines in this area.

Registration Dates

Students may register for fall, fall 1, and fall 2 sessions (summer and spring terms respectively) at the same time. Consult the Academic Calendar for registration dates and deadlines. For those receiving financial aid or deferring loans, students are strongly encouraged to register for all sessions within the same term.

Adding and Dropping Classes

Students may add and drop classes online without financial penalty until the Last Day to Add or Drop Classes or Independent Studies at or by submitting an Enrollment Activity Form (PDF). Such changes may be made only during the dates listed in the Academic Calendar. International students must obtain approval from the International Center to add or drop a class. Following the deadline to drop a class, a student must withdraw according to policies and procedures as stated in the withdrawal policy.

A drop will not be permitted after the deadline, except in cases of extenuating circumstances due to accident or illness, serious personal or family problems, or military transfer. Valid documentation is required. In addition, extenuating circumstances must be shown to have prevented action before the deadline date. An Enrollment Activity Form with valid documentation may be submitted to the Office of the Graduate Registrar for evaluation. The date of the extenuating circumstances substantiated by documentation determines the authorized drop action date. Without valid documentation, any request to drop received after the deadline date published in the Graduate Academic Calendar will be processed as a withdrawal. It is the student’s responsibility to check with Graduate Student Financial Services to determine how an approved late drop or withdrawal may affect his or her financial aid. For more information, see the Withdrawal from Courses section.

Late Registration

An Enrollment Activity Form (PDF) approved by the program director or department chair and the Office of the Graduate Registrar is required after the last day to enroll for each session. A $125 late fee applies.

Withdrawal from Courses

Graduate students may withdraw from a class without a grade penalty at any time during the first 10 weeks of a 15-week session and during the first 6 weeks of a 9-week session, starting with the first day of classes. International students must obtain approval from the International Center to withdraw from courses.

The last day to withdraw for every term is indicated in the Graduate Academic Calendar. The student must download and submit an Enrollment Activity Form (PDF), or obtain one from the Office of the Graduate Registrar in the Graduate and Professional Center. The student will receive a W (withdrawal) grade in the course from which he or she withdraws. A student who never attends or stops attending a course for which he or she is officially enrolled will receive an F in that course if accepted procedures for withdrawal are not followed.

Approval for withdrawal after the deadline is granted only in extreme cases where extenuating circumstances are evident and can be substantiated. Any approval of a late withdrawal requires the favorable endorsement and signatures of the professor, department chair, and registrar. No financial adjustments will be made. For more information, see the Graduate Academic Calendar and Refund Policies.

Withdrawal from the University

A student who, for any reason, finds it necessary to withdraw from the university during the course of the semester must do so through the Office of the Graduate Registrar in the Graduate and Professional Center.

International students must obtain approval from the International Center to withdraw from the university. The student must complete an Enrollment Activity Form (PDF). Failure to comply will mean that failing grades will be entered on the student’s record. A letter indicating the student’s intention of leaving the university must be submitted as well. If the student intends to return after some time, a Leave of Absence Form should be submitted to extend the time limit for completing the degree.

Administrative Withdrawal

Non-enrollment for a period of two consecutive terms will result in administrative withdrawal from the university. See the Academic Calendars for complete term and session information. An administrative withdrawal does not change a student’s posted grades or account balance; neither does it generate a refund of any kind. Re-application and department re-acceptance are required to enroll again. The initial enrollment in the degree program will determine the time limit for completing the degree. In rare instances, extensions may be requested by petition. Granting of such a petition may entail additional degree requirements.

Registration without Bachelor’s Degree

A student without a posted bachelor’s degree must register as an undergraduate and pay undergraduate fees.

Registration for a Second Bachelor’s Degree

Any student with a bachelor’s degree pursing a second bachelor’s degree, unless admitted to an entry-level master's program, must register as an undergraduate and pay undergraduate tuition and fees.