Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my cap and gown?
Please contact One Stop at (626) 815-2020 or onestop@apu.edu.

When can I expect my diploma in the mail?
Diploma cases, including a certificate, will be awarded at the commencement ceremony. The actual diplomas are mailed out three months after graduation.

What is Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude? What does that mean and what qualifies me for that?
Qualifying students may graduate with the following honors: summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude. The minimum GPA requirements for Latin Honors are as follows:

3.90 – summa cum laude
3.80 – magna cum laude
3.70 – cum laude

All grades accepted toward graduation at Azusa Pacific University are included in the calculation of these honors, including correspondence and transfer classes. All grades not accepted toward graduation at Azusa Pacific University (such as remedial classes) will not be included in the calculation.

When and where does the commencement ceremony take place?
For details on ceremony location and time, visit the Commencement page.

Is my major having a reception for graduating seniors?
There are often special receptions that occur on or around graduation day. Visit the Commencement page to view a list of receptions for the day.

If I want to go to graduate school, how do I get my transcripts?
Complete the appropriate online transcript request form to receive an official transcript.

Are job opportunities available at APU?
Yes, many job opportunities exist at APU. For a complete list, visit APU’s Employment Opportunities page.

Do I need to fill out any paperwork to graduate?
Yes, students who intend to graduate from APU must complete an Undergraduate Graduation Application (PDF) and submit it to One Stop at least six months prior to their intended graduation. The deadline for turning in the form is posted on the One Stop and academic calendars, and falls within the semester before the student’s last semester. For more information, contact One Stop at (626) 815-2020.

How do I order personalized graduation announcements?
Call (800) 353-5299 or visit jostens.com. If visiting the website,

  1. Click on the “Graduation” button.
  2. Select “College Announcements & Accessories.”
  3. Click on “Check out your school’s exclusive options here.”
  4. Select “3. College/vo-tech,” “United States of America,” and “California” using the dropdown menus.
  5. Choose “Azusa” as the city.
  6. Click on Azusa Pacific University and “Continue.”
  7. From the catalogs available, choose “Personalized Announcements” and continue from there!

Are tickets required for this event?
Yes, tickets are required for all commencement ceremonies. An allotted number of tickets will be distributed to graduating students prior to the commencement ceremony. The allotted number of tickets will be determined by the number of graduates. Therefore, it is subject to change for each ceremony. Additional tickets are not available and cannot be purchased.

Can I purchase a video of the event?
Yes, commencement ceremonies are professionally recorded by GradMemory. You may purchase a personalized DVD for $34.99, plus tax and shipping, at gradmemory.com/us/california/azusa-pacific-university.html or by calling (866) 977-4723.