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Auxilium Mentoring Program

Purpose of Auxilium:

The Azusa Pacific University Honors Mentoring program, Auxilium*, is a peer-mentoring program for first semester Honors students. Developed to foster a sense of belonging among Honors students, the program also offers a safe place for freshman Honors students to share academic, social, and spiritual challenges. At APU, clubs and organizations are meant to provide a place where members can be in community with one another. The Honors College is no different. Understanding that Honors students have a unique college experience, Auxilium differs from other freshman orientation groups on campus because it is tailored to the specific challenges that Honors students face.

Mentors include sophomore, junior, and senior Honors students. These mentors are available as non-judgmental confidants who have personal experience in handling the pressures of college. The mentors understand the large commitment made by Honors students, and through this mentorship, the Honors College and its student mentors commit themselves to supporting new students in academic excellence and the full development of their abilities.

*In Latin, means “to support”

Qualifications for Auxilium Peer Mentors:

Expectations for Auxilium Peer Mentors:

Peer mentors are expected to:

All peer mentors will be expected to meet with the Honors College Student Advisory Board at their last meeting of the fall semester to evaluate the Auxilium Peer Mentoring Program.

Support for Peer Mentors: