Why Honors?

Why should I participate in the Honors College?

  • Be challenged to perform at the highest level of academic excellence and develop your abilities to the fullest.
  • Study in a close-knit community of faculty and intellectually gifted undergraduates dedicated to acquiring a broad and balanced education.
  • Benefit from opportunities to represent APU by participating in regional and national honors conferences.
  • During the academic advising period, Honors students may register early for classes to optimize course schedules.
  • Innovative thinking is highly encouraged through close student-faculty collaboration and limited class enrollment.
  • Opportunities to live in theme housing are available for students committed to learning and serving the community.

What are the requirements of the Honors College?

  • Honors students who graduate from APU with at least a 3.3 GPA and have completed the Honors College curriculum receive the Honors Scholar designation on their diploma and a beautiful medallion to wear during the graduation ceremony.
  • Incoming freshmen students are required to participate in Auxilium, a unique peer-mentoring program designed to provide additional support for the transition from high school life to college life, and into the APU Honors College.

What opportunities are available through the Honors College?

  • The Honors College encourages students to study abroad through the High Sierra or Oxford semester programs.
  • Students may select to work on research and scholarly projects, or apply for scholarships, internships, or fellowships with the help of their Honors advisor and Honors faculty members in their major departments.