Photo of Marcia S. Berry, Ph.D.

Marcia S. Berry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Phone: (626) 815-6000, Ext. 3503
Marcia S. Berry, Ph.D., is known for her enjoyment of the beginning speech class, and works as the coordinator of the course, assisting other public communication faculty as well as conducting curriculum reviews and workshops. She also teaches nonverbal communication and one of the introductory courses for the communication studies major. Berry is a trained mime in the style of Marcel Marceau and teaches a mime class for the Department of Theater, Film, and Television.


  • Ph.D., Communication and the Arts, Regent University
  • M.A., Speech Communication with an Emphasis in Oral Interpretation, University of Illinois
  • B.A., Secondary Speech Education (English minor), University of Illinois


  • California Community College Credentials:
  • • Language Arts and Literature
  • • Theater Arts and Related Technologies
  • • State of Illinois Secondary Teaching Credential


Honors College

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Department of Communication Studies


  • Creative Dramatics
  • Mime/Pantomime
  • Oral Interpretation
  • Public Speaking

Courses Taught

  • COMM 111 – Public Communication
  • COMM 201 – Introduction to Communication Studies
  • COMM 405 – Nonverbal Communication
  • TFT 340 – Mime: Principles and Performance
  • TFT 355 – Theater Education, K–12