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End-of-Lease Information

If you have already been enrolled in the Laptop Program for two years, it is time to consider your options for the rest of your time at APU. Please read about the options below.

Regardless what you decide to do, you need to notify us of your choice no later than May 31.


You may renew your lease for the next two years and we’ll give you a new, upgraded laptop. Then, you can keep your second laptop when you graduate! If you choose to renew, you can keep your current laptop over the summer and return it when you pick up your new laptop in September. To renew, download and complete the reservation form. Demos of the new laptop models are located in our office.


You may purchase your current laptop at the market value price. To obtain a purchase quote, contact our office as soon as possible. Please note that purchased laptops are no longer eligible to receive technical support from the university. Also, all purchased laptops will have university software removed.


You may return the laptop (including AC adapter) with no further obligation and no additional fees. If you choose this option, you must return the laptop by May 31.

Missed the Deadline?

If it is past May 31 and you have not notified us of what you plan to do with your laptop, you may have already been charged the purchase price for the laptop you are currently leasing, and you will not have been re-enrolled for the next two years. If you would like to re-enroll, contact our office as soon as possible for best results.