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Mid-Lease Information

If you have already been enrolled in the Laptop Program for one year and summer vacation is approaching, please read the information below about what you should do.

Coming Back?

As long as you're coming back to APU in the fall, you can keep your laptop and all included accessories (memory key, backpack, security device, and AC adapter) over the summer because that time is included as part of your lease term. If you are returning to APU in the fall, please complete a student information card in the Laptop Program office so we know where the computer will be for the summer.

If you are not planning to attend APU in the fall, the laptop and all accessories must be returned to our office on or before May 31.


If you are vacationing outside of the United States over the summer, please do not take your laptop with you. The insurance provided by the university does not apply outside of the United States; therefore, if the laptop was lost or stolen, you would be responsible for the full replacement cost rather than the standard $1,000 deductible.

Need a New Battery?

The one-year battery warranty ends in June, so if you are having any battery-related problems, be sure to stop by our office before then to have your battery assessed and, if necessary, replaced!