Our goal is to make technology accessible, reliable, and user-friendly. Media Services will typically respond to classroom technology emergencies in 10 minutes or less and provide a solution within 20 minutes. Emergency service is available to customers using APU-owned facilities and technology during hours of operation. Arrangements for support of after-hours classes or special events should be made through our office at least two weeks in advance and may incur additional charges. Media Services is unable to confirm media request changes if they are not submitted during normal office hours.

The integrated technology systems in the classrooms and meeting spaces of APU are vital to the operation of the university. IMT Media Services strives to keep these systems up and running through routine maintenance and emergency repair. If you notice any problem with a system, please bring it to our attention.

For your convenience, every classroom is equipped with a telephone that has been programmed with the following speed dial numbers:

  • Campus Safety
  • Support Desk

Please use speed dial 2 from any classroom to call the Support Desk.

Service Service Level Provision from Media Services Responsibility of User
Information and Questions One Working Day To respond to email, voicemail, and written correspondence To give clear information regarding the query and contact details
Media requests are confirmed with customer Two Working Days To provide an email confirmation and number of media request Media request must be submitted at least four hours in advance of event and during normal working hours (subject to availability)
User-accessible, permanently installed equipment within classrooms Ensure the classroom equipment is maintained as per room attributes listing To ensure that the allocated room is appropriate for the required mode of AV presentation
Equipment delivery to classrooms To ensure equipment is available for the times specified by customer User to be available to receive equipment at specified booking time
Provide advice and information on using equipment and facilities Offer advice as requested to enable facilities to meet users expectations To use the equipment provided appropriately and for the purpose intended
Maintenance /repair of equipment in AV inventory One hour A technician to respond to operational requirements and either fix broken equipment or provide alternate working equipment to meet customer requirements; perform routine maintenance program Report equipment failure of any equipment specified on the audio-visual inventory to Media Services
Health and safety Promote good practice To implement recommended procedures

Please note that Media Services can only support technology that is owned by APU. We cannot guarantee the compatibility of personal devices with APU classroom technology. Media Services in unable to set up certain pieces of equipment outside unless approved by classroom technology manager.

While Media Services makes every effort to assure the functionality of classroom technology, it is not possible to guarantee 100 percent reliability. There may be times when equipment malfunctions. In these cases, Media Services will make every effort to assist with alternate solutions. With this in mind, however, please plan classes, lectures, events, and functions with a “back-up” or alternate plan. Media Services will be happy to assist you with planning.