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A student’s educational record is protected by FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. With the exception of “directory information,” student records are not to be released to a third party (including parent or spouse) without the express written permission of the student. Failure to comply with FERPA could result in the loss of all federal financial aid funds. Two types of records exist:

Directory Information

The following information is not included in FERPA and is available to the general APU community:

Assuring We Comply with FERPA

FERPA policies must be published in academic catalogs by law. For more information about other rights and requirements of FERPA, please contact the Registrar.

A Word about Student Workers

All student workers are required to sign the following when they are hired:

“As a student employee I understand that as part of my campus employment, I may have access to or become aware of confidential information that relates to students and their parents/guardians or members of the University community. As a condition of my student employment, a violation of which will be grounds for termination, I agree to keep in confidence any information that I may become aware of as a result of my student employment that should be kept in confidence. In any case where I am not sure whether the information is confidential, I will check with my supervisor before divulging the information to anyone.”

It is, of course, important if you supervise students to stress the importance of confidentiality. As a supervisor, you may decide to keep that procedure (accessing those with security hold) for staff members only.

If you have any questions not covered in this document, please contact the appropriate Registrar’s office.