Meet Our Students

“I chose Azusa Pacific because I wanted to attend a Christian faith-based university and receive an excellent education. The Master of Science in Nursing program provided me with that, and the professors at the Inland Empire Regional Center are also exceptional. Thanks to the support of my advisor and other faculty mentors, I have achieved goals I never thought possible. Their guidance and encouragement challenged me to become a better student and nurse and helped me cross that graduation stage. The MSN program is rigorous and requires dedication, but the rewards are beyond any expectations.”
Stephanie Tuttle-Kamon, MSN ’14

“Continuing my education with a master’s program at Azusa Pacific’s Inland Empire Regional Center made for a seamless transition from my undergraduate work. The Entry-level Master’s in Nursing (ELM) also helped make it possible for me to continue working as a nurse, spend time with family and friends, all while completing my graduate courses. Through the program, I learned to bridge the art and science of nursing with spiritual care, including many different ways to incorporate culturally and spiritually based nursing into practice. It has all been worth it, and I would do it again.”
Cindy Illescas, MSN ’14

“Proximity to an APU regional center means easy access to quality education that is not only nationally known, but internationally respected. Lower student-professor ratios mean greater insight into theoretical and practical applications. The interaction between students and instructors is conducive to learning, and far more encouraging for lifelong learning.”
Erl Cabanas, Teacher Education

“Every professor is supportive, knowledgeable, and eager to help me succeed. There are plenty of opportunities that help me grow into a strong, productive professional and prepare me for my future career.”
Bonnie Ebright, Special Education

“Some of the instructors give scriptures pertaining to the subjects we have talked about in class. Showing the relationship between scripture and my studies has helped me understand the information with a Christian perspective that I can take with me to a future career in teaching.”
Wendy Tisdale, Single Subject Credential

“The quality and attitude of students and faculty creates a sense of belonging to an extended family around campus. In the masters program, instructors and students have more interaction and the whole class works together towards a common goal.”
James VanDargriff, Special Education

“The hands-on experience I get in my classes gives me a better understanding of what is involved in the counselor’s work day. Pursuing my masters at a Christian university has taught me to listen without judgment, build bridges where none existed, and strengthen the faith of myself and others.”
Virginia Castaneda, Education

“The best part of pursuing a master’s degree at a Christian university is the fellowship and having God incorporated into the course content. Also, because the regional center is closer to home it makes my day a little shorter. After completing my master’s in special education, I plan to pursue a masters in administration and have been asked to teach for APU someday.”
Deborah A. Reed, Special Education