Intensive English Programs

The American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) offers a certificate program with six levels of study taught in two 15-week semesters and a 12-week summer semester. These semesters operate year-round, offer approximately 18 hours of class time per week, and include the courses listed below. Descriptions of each course are listed in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

If you are academically qualified for undergraduate or graduate admission to APU and you choose to fulfill your English proficiency requirement through study in the ALCI program, you will be offered ‘conditional’ admission to the university. After successfully completing the required levels of study through ALCI, you may continue with your university studies in the next available term.

Application for ALCI will be reflected on the admitted student’s immigration document along with the student’s major area(s) of study or designated graduate program at APU, if applicable.

Basic Levels

  • Levels 1 and 2—one to two semesters depending on completion of basic skills
    Academic Composition and Reading Skills, Oral Communication, Life Skills, Basic Pronunciation, Basic Introduction to Christian Culture and Values, and Mentoring

Intermediate Levels

  • Level 3—one semester
    Academic Composition and Reading Skills, Oral Communication, Intermediate Pronunciation, Academic Skills, Introduction to Christian Culture and Values–Intermediate, and Mentoring
  • Level 4—one semester
    Academic Composition and Reading Skills, Presentation Skills, Intermediate Pronunciation, Intercultural Communication, Grammar/Seminar Speaking, Capstone Project, and Biblical Foundations for ESL Learners

Advanced Levels

  • Level 5—one semester
    Grammar/ Seminar Speaking, Research Project, Advanced Presentation Skills, Advanced Pronunciation, Personal Leadership Development, Christianity and Contemporary Worldview, and an audit of one undergraduate or graduate class
  • Level 6—one semester
    TESL 500, and one to two graduate classes in one’s accepted graduate program for university credit

Certificates will be issued after successful completion of each level.

Advantages to Studying at ALCI:

  • Courses are designed to prepare you for APU’s level of studies.
  • No other tests are required to meet the English proficiency at APU.