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Celebrating 400 Years of the
King James Bible

October 24–November 21, 2011

Through the Bible in all its translations, the Creator reveals His plan and purpose for humanity and inspires unparalleled faith and love. As the world acknowledges the 400th anniversary of the most popular English Bible ever—the King James Version (KJV) completed in 1611—believers and seekers alike must acknowledge its deep impact on Western culture.

From October 24 through November 21, 2011, Azusa Pacific will host a number of events and three distinct exhibits that reflect and explore this text from diverse interdisciplinary perspectives—from history and political science to theology, music, and the arts. Join us as we engage modern art, discuss the importance of language, and consider historical and political perspectives while exploring the KJV alongside fellow truth-seekers, interweaving faith and scholarship in a unique and powerful way.

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