Tips for Selecting a Good Internship

An outstanding internship can be the catalyst for profound personal change. Here are some helpful questions to think about to help you find the right placement:

  • What type of internship would fit well with my major and personal interests?
  • What type of prior work or volunteer experience was I particularly passionate about?
  • What type of prior work or volunteer experience do I want to avoid repeating?
  • What area(s) have I always had an interest in but have never pursued?
  • What type of projects or tasks do I enjoy doing?
  • In what type of work environment do I thrive?
  • Do I want to work with a Christian or secular organization?
  • Is there a particular group of people that I want to work with?

We have connections with many organizations who are doing good work in Los Angeles and who are eager to engage students. Contact us for a current list of our participating organizations.