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Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems.

Introductory Resources

Subject Introduction

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Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry , 7 th ed.
Frederick A. Bettelheim
Belmont , CA : Thomson, Brooks/Cole, 2004
QD31.2 .B48 2004

Editorial Book Description:
"Has become the most respected and best-selling general, organic and biochemistry textbook on the market. Known for the successful way it meets the needs of students who take this course--from re-entry students to those heading directly into careers in the allied health fields--the book is acclaimed for the way it provides students a solid chemistry foundation that will serve them well long after they leave the course."

Inorganic Chemistry , 3rd ed.
Gary L. Miessler and Donald A. Tarr
Upper Saddle River , NJ : Pearson Education, 2004
QD151.3 .M54 2004

Editorial Book Description:
"This highly readable book provides the essentials of Inorganic Chemistry with molecular symmetry as its foundation. Chapter topics include atomic structure, molecular orbitals, organometallic chemistry, simple bonding theory, symmetry and group theory, and more. For chemists and other professionals who want to update or improve their background in the field."

Reference Books

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CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics: A Ready-reference Book of Chemical and Physical Data
David R. Lide
New York , NY : Taylor & Francis, 2007-08
QD65 .H3 2007-08

Dean's Handbook of Organic Chemistry, 2 nd ed.
George W. Gokel
Chicago , IL : McGraw-Hill, 2004
QD251.3 .G65 2004   

The Facts on File Dictionary of Inorganic Chemistry
John Daintith, ed.
New York , NY : Facts on File, 2004
QD5 .F34 2004 

The Facts on File Dictionary of Organic Chemistry
John Daintith, Ed.
New York , NY : Facts On File, Inc., 2004
QD246 .F33 2004       

Handbook of Inorganic Chemicals
Pradyot Patnaik
Chicago , IL : McGraw-Hill, 2003
QD155.5 .P37 2003    

Find Books & Media

Books and media in the APU University Libraries can be found by using the APOLIS2 online catalog.

Subject Headings and Call Number Ranges

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Bases, Chemistry
Chemistry, Inorganic
Chemistry, Organic
Chemistry, Physical and Theoretical
Environmental Chemistry
QD13-26, Q125
QD415, QK898, QP514.2, QH505
QC454, QD251-708
QC23-477, QD453-911, QH505, TN690
GB855, QC879, QD31, QH31, TD193
QC880, QD466, QE515


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Biochemistry Explained: A Practical Guide to Learning Biochemistry
Thomas Millar
New York , NY : Toutledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2002
QD415 .M55 2002

Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry , 3 rd ed.
Geoffrey Rayner-Canham
New York : W.H. Freeman, 2003
QD151.5 .R39 2003 

The Joy of Chemistry: The Amazing Science of Familiar Things
Cathy Cobb and Monty L. Fetterolf
Amherst , NY : Prometheus Books, 2005
QD35 .C56 2005

Organic Chemistry , 3 rd ed.
Marye Anne Fox
Sudbury , MA : Jones and Bartlett, 2004
QD251.3 .F69 2004

Media By Subject

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Chemistry, Analytic
Chemistry, Experiments
Chemistry, Organic
Chemistry, Physical and Theoretical
Chemistry, Study and Teaching
Nuclear Chemistry

Subject Bibliographies

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Chemistry on the Internet: A Student's Guide 1999-2000
Thomas Gardner
Upper Saddle River , NJ : Prentice Hall, 1999
QD9.3 .G37 1999

How to Find Chemical Information: A Guide for Practicing Chemists, Educators and Students
Robert E. Maizell
New York , NY : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998
QD8.5 .M34 1998

Library Handbook for Organic Chemists
Andrew J. Poss
New York , NY : Chemical Pub., 2000
Z5524.08 .P67 2000

Resources in Non-APU Libraries

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LINK+ LINK+ is a single catalog for 40+ California libraries that have a cooperative borrowing and lending arrangement for books only. This service is for APU faculty, staff and students, and is free. Items usually come within 2-3 work days.
WorldCat WorldCat is a single catalog for hundreds of North American and international libraries. Books and other library resources may be requested from this catalog through the interlibrary loan service. This service is for APU faculty, staff and students, and costs $2.00 per item requested. Items usually come within 7-10 work days.

Find Journal Articles

Print journals in the APU University Libraries can be found by using the APOLIS2 online catalog.


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Journal Title Available Formats
Journal of the American Chemical Society Online
Chemical Reviews Print
Accounts of Chemical Research Print
Nano Letters Online
Biochemistry (ACS) Online


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For a description of each database, go to the online resources page and look up the database by title.

Academic Search Premier
Chemistry Journals
ProQuest Databases
SciFinder (located on public computers in the Wynn Science Building )
Web of Science

Getting Journal Articles

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Periodical Finder Sometimes while using a database, article records are found without any corresponding full-text article. Use Periodical Finder to see whether or not the article can be found in full-text in a different database. It can also be used to look up the full-text availability of items found in bibliographies.
Articles not at APU If a journal article is unavailable in either the print journal collection or one of the online databases, it can be requested through the interlibrary loan service.

Find Internet Resources

Professional Organizations/Government Agency Websites

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American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Chemical Society
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Biochemical Society
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
National Academy of Sciences
National Science Teachers Association
Royal Society of Chemistry
Society of Chemical Industry

Other Websites

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Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Contains chemistry and related information on the Internet. "A set of pointers to the many large Chemistry link collections already available and direct links to a few sites of special interest." Includes: guides, training, bibliographic databases for journals, conference proceedings, reports, patents, theses, web sites dealing with safety, mailings lists and news groups.

Bibliographic Index Plus (WilsonWeb)
A collection of bibliographies of bibliographies. At the search engine type "chemistry" and more than 2,000 records are retrieved dealing with bibliographies and literature reviews on chemistry found in journals and books (back to 1982).

MolviZ.Org ( Molecular Visualization Resources)
Brings together many types of molecular visualization resources including Jmol, Chime, RasMol. Also included are interactive tutorials, software for molecular exploration and description of selected macromolecules.

Thirty-Two Free Chemistry Databases
Includes the "granddaddy of all free chemistry databases" PubChem (search over 8 million compounds), eMolecules (augments PUbChem with other information sources), CHEBI (a dictionary fo molecular entitles focused on small chemical compounds), NMRShiftDB (organic structures and their nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shifts), ChemBank (36,000 original biological assays of small molecules collected by Harvard's Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology) and many others.

UCLA's List of Chemical Resources
Includes lists of university chemistry departments, non-profit & commercial chemistry organizations, other links to chemistry resources and chemistry publications.

Free Online Journals

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Chemical Education International
Free Full-Text Journals in Chemistry
Journal of Chemical Education

Blogs/RSS Feeds

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Don’t have a feed reader? Try Google Reader ( or Bloglines ( Newsletter
News at the American Chemical Society Website

Written by Subject Specialist Dave Harmeyer, last updated March 13, 2013