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1960's American Art Jennifer Quick
1968 Bradley Hale
19th-Century British Literature Kristen Sipper-Denlinger
19th Century Philosophy Steven Wilkens
20th-Century Graphic Design Terry Dobson
20th Century American and British Literature Caleb D. Spencer
20th Century/Contemporary Art William Catling
20th Century Music John Van Houten Jr.
20th Century U.S. History Ethan Schrum
4th-Century Church History Stephen Emerson
Academic Writing David Colachico
Academic Writing and Writing Pedagogy Caleb D. Spencer
Accompanying Crystal Rivette
Accompanying Hannah Yi
Accounting John M. Thornton
Accounting Stanley Deal
Accounting Information Systems Rachel G. Mabiala
Acquisitions Thomas D. Cairns
Acting Ruby Hinds
Acting/Directing/Improvisation Monica Ganas
Acting Techniques Jill Brennan-Lincoln
Acute care Grace Matsuda
Acute rehab Grace Matsuda
Adapted Physical Education Jennette Diamond
Addictive Behaviors Mark Stanton
Additive Sculpture Jack Weimer
Administration Constance Milton
Administration Crystal Rivette
Administration and Leadership Dana Moss
Administration of Aging Services Adria Navarro
Administrative Evolution and Design in Physical Therapy Practice Daniel A. Farwell
Adolescence Sarah Obermeyer
Adolescent and Family Therapy Catherine Fisher
Adolescent and Young Adult Health Status Rachel Castaneda
Adolescent, Couple, and Family Therapy Charles Chege
Adolescent Development Cheryl Crawford
Adolescent Development and Psychopathology Marjorie Graham-Howard
Adolescent Forensics Marjorie Graham-Howard
Adolescent Medicine Sabrina Friedman
Adolescents with Chronic Conditions Lina Kawar
Adult Critical Care Katie McCoy-Hill
Adult Critical Care Catherine Hill
Adult Critical Care/Intensive Care Nursing Cheryl Boyd
Adult Development Pamela M. Christian
Adult Development Sarah Visser
Adult education Katy Lux
Adult Education Stephanie J. Fenwick
Adult Education Gail Wallace
Adult Education Brent A. Wood
Adult Learning Cindy Tanis
Adult Medical Surgical Nursing Karen E. Schaid
Adult Primary Care Catherine Hill
Adult Studies Fred G. Garlett
Advanced Medical Surgical Janet Wessels
Advancement of Multimedia Technology Paul Gray
Advertising and Promotion Jon Torp
Advocacy Linda Crawford
Aerospace Program Management Robert E. Sylvia
Aesthetic Education G. James Daichendt
Aesthetics Caron Rand
Aesthetics Shelby Moser
African-American Issues Kimberly B.W. Denu
African American Literature Mark Eaton
African-American-Style Gospel Choral Music Kimasi Browne
African Music Kimasi Browne
African Religions Chinaka S. DomNwachukwu
Aging Lowell Renold
Aging Issues Julia Pusztai
Air-sensitive Synthesis Techniques Jennifer Young
Algebra Sharon McCathern
Alzheimer's Disease Diana Lynn Woods
Ambulatory Pediatrics Linda Crawford
American and British Fiction and Poetry Caleb D. Spencer
American and British Literature Gail Bouslough
American comedic film Andrea Ivanov-Craig
American Fiction Patricia Andujo
American Immigration and Ethnic History Bryan Lamkin
American Intellectual History Ethan Schrum
American literature Christine Kern
American literature Thomas Allbaugh
American Literature Joseph Bentz
American Literature and Culture Mark Eaton
American Poetry Patricia Andujo
American Political Thought Daniel Palm
American Political Thought Christopher Flannery
American Studies Mark Eaton
Ancient art history Shelby Moser
Ancient Education and Literary Composition Matthew Hauge
Ancient History Edmund Mazza
Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Robert Duke
Ancient Philosophy Aaron Mead
Anesthesia Nabil Hanna
Animal Studies James Fujitani
Applicable Mathematical Concepts Nancy Lyons
Applied Behavior Analysis Melaura Erickson Tomaino
Applied math Richard Eckhart
Applied Social Psychology Annie Tsai
Applied Treatment Issues: Attachment, Shame, Trauma, Adult Development Sheryn T. Scott
Archaeology Robert Mullins
Architecture Daniel Grissom
Argumentation Lawrence 'Ray' McCormick
Arranging Stephen Martin
Arranging Karen Shackleton
Arranging Phil Shackleton
Art Jim Thompson
Art and Faith Integration Kari Dunham
Art and Faith Integrations William Catling
Art and Narrative Kari Dunham
Art Education Maryann Rachford
Art Education Jim Thompson
Art Education History Jeffrey Grubbs
Art Education History G. James Daichendt
Art History Jennifer Quick
Art History and Criticism Christina Valentine
Artificial Intelligence Samuel Sambasivam
Artist-Teacher G. James Daichendt
Arts Leadership Stephen P. Johnson
Art song Douglas Sumi
Art Therapy Tonja Graves Schmitt
Asian American Mental Health Issues Jenss Chang
Asian-American Studies in Psychology Alan Oda
Asperger's Syndrome Lowell Renold
Assemblage Nicole Green Hodges
Assessment of educational-related mental health services Michael Salce
Assistive Technology Jennifer Courduff
Athletic Coaching and Instruction Erik Dahnke
Athletic training Cynthia McKnight
Athletic Training Cindy Tanis
Athletic Training Chris Keife
Athletic Training Education Christopher Schmidt
Attributes vs. experience Gary Clifford
Auditing Paul Anderson
Auditing Stanley Deal
Audition Techniques Jill Brennan-Lincoln
Augustine Stephen Emerson
Autism Gail Reiner
Autism Spectrum Disorder Melaura Erickson Tomaino
Autism Spectrum Disorders Loren Martin
Autobiographical Memory Benjamin Uel Marsh
Autobiography César Aroldo Solórzano
Balance Disorders Scott Wood
Baroque and Medieval Manuscripts Claire Fedoruk
Baroque Ornamentation Claire Fedoruk
Bass Trombone Instruction Richard Bullock
Bass Trombone Performance Richard Bullock
Behavioral Neuroscience Skyla Herod
Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia Diana Lynn Woods
Belting and Projecting Letitia Ugwueke
Biblical Hermeneutics Lynn Allan Losie
Biblical studies Jeff Tirrell
Biblical Studies Bruce Baloian
Biblical Studies Kay Higuera Smith
Biblical Studies Robert Mullins
Biblical Studies Vickie Becker
Biblical Studies Karen Strand Winslow
Biblical Theology Junia Pokrifka
Biblical Theology Seth Heringer
Biculturalism and Cognition Benjamin Uel Marsh
Bifurcation Theory Edwin Ding
Bilingual/ELL Assessment Pedro Olvera
Biobehavioral Research Diana Lynn Woods
Bioinorganic Chemistry Jennifer Young
Biology Matthew Kamper
Biology Jon Milhon
Biomedical Instrumentation Christopher Bassey
Biophysics Christopher Bassey
Biotechnology Megan Prosser
Blending and Conceptual Metaphor Theory George Babbes
Bowenian Family Systems Therapy Stephen Lambert
Brass Ensemble Thomas Philips
Brass Performance Thomas Philips
Breast Cancer Screening Connie Brehm
Brief therapeutic techniques with children Michael Salce
British Literature Emily Griesinger
Broadcasting John Hamilton
Business Patricia Skalnik
Business Roger Conover
Business Cloyd E. Havens II
Business and Management Mark Bargaehr
Business development Gary Clifford
Business Ethics Ronald Jewe
Business Marketing Ronald Jewe
California culture Monica Ganas
California Politics Jennifer E. Walsh
California Three Strikes Law Jennifer E. Walsh
Canadian theater Rachel Tracie
Cancer Biology Willetta Toole-Simms
Cancer Immunotherapeutics Megan Prosser
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Critical Care Nabil Hanna
Cardiovascular nursing Laurie Lang
Cardiovascular Nursing Nemesio Del Rosario
Cardiovascular Nursing Mario Macayaon
Career Development Jeffrey S. Boian
Career Development Michael Block
Caregiver Stress Lowell Renold
Care Management Adria Navarro
Carl F. Henry David Weeks
Cell Biology Willetta Toole-Simms
Cell Growth Regulation Willetta Toole-Simms
Cello Jonathan Thomson
Cello Marek Szpakiewicz
Celtic Culture Adrien Lowery
Ceramics David Carlson
Certified EMDR Clinician (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Vicki Ewing
Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Patricia Frohock Hanes, PhD, MSN
Challenging behaviors Yvette Latunde
Chamber music Lukas Swidzinski
Chamber Music Armine Nerkararyan
Chamber Music Tao Chang
Chamber Music Jonathan Moerschel
Chamber Music Timothy Eckert
Chamber Music Ingrid Chun
Chamber Music Hannah Yi
Chamber Music Jonathan Thomson
Chamber Music Marek Szpakiewicz
Chamber Music Instruction Jennifer Showalter
Change Gary Lemaster
Chemical Dependency Olivia Sevilla
Chemical Synthesis Jennifer Young
Chemistry Carrie Miller
Chemistry Jennifer Young
Chemotherapy Patricia Esslin
Child Abuse Treatment and Trauma-Focused Therapy Olivia Sevilla
Child and Adolescent Development Piljoo Kang
Child and Adolescent Therapy Katharine Putman
Child Development Lina Badr
Child Health and Nutrition Catherine Heinlein
Childhood Obesity Juanita Cole
Child Psychology David R. Morrison
Child Psychopathology Lewis Bonney
Children’s Literature Patricia Andujo
Children’s Literature Gail Bouslough
Children’s Literature Emily Griesinger
Children’s and Adolescent Literature Nancy Brashear
Children’s Literature James Hedges
Children's Literature Kristen Sipper-Denlinger
Children's Social History Kristen Sipper-Denlinger
Child Welfare Catherine Fisher
Child Welfare/Adolescents Mary Rawlings
China Stuart Strother
Chinese English Educators’ Professional Development Tasha Bleistein
Chinese Psychology Annie Tsai
Choral and Instrumental Conducting Andrew Park
Choral conducting John Sutton
Choral conducting Harold Clousing
Choral conducting Eniko St. Clair
Choral conducting Sam Wei-Chih Sun
Choral Music William Boocock
Choral Music Dianne Harmel
Choral Music Michelle Jensen
Christian Business Praxis George Babbes
Christian culture and media education Warren Koch
Christian Education La Verne Tolbert
Christian Education Thomas Edelen
Christian ethics Lane Scott
Christian Ethics John S. Park
Christian Formation Kent Walkemeyer
Christian Higher Education Laurie Schreiner
Christian, Historical, Modern, and Postmodern Theology John S. Park
Christianity and Western Thought Steven Wilkens
Christian Organizations David R. Dunaetz
Christian Psychotherapy and Religious Mental Illness Stephen Lambert
Christian Schooling Lois Sowers
Christian Worldview Mark Arvidson
Christian Worship Nathan Watkins
Chronic Disease Lynda Reed
Chronic Disease Prevention Julia Pusztai
Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Koy Parada
Chronic illness Mary Anne Kilday
Church Administration Kent Walkemeyer
Church Fathers Edmund Mazza
Church History Lane Scott
Church History Dennis Okholm
Church History Don Thorsen
Church Leadership Jeffrey S. Boian
Church Ministries La Verne Tolbert
Church Organization and Administration Richard “Dick” Pritchard
Church Senior Leadership Teams Ryan T. Hartwig
Cinema John Hamilton
Circadian rhythms Catherine M. Todero
Civil and Religious Liberties Daniel Palm
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties David Weeks
Classical Guitar Michael Kozubek
Classical Music Ruby Hinds
Classical rhetoric and modern rhetorical theory Thomas Allbaugh
Classical Singing Melanie Galloway
Classics Christopher Flannery
Class Piano Janet Harms
Classroom Learning Joanne Gilbreath
Clergy Care Kimberly Setterlund
Clergy/Mental Health Professional Collaborations Kimberly Setterlund
Client/Server Applications Samuel Sambasivam
Client/Server Computing James Aksel
Client-Side Application Development James Aksel
Clinical Education Wendy Chung
Clinical Neuropsychology Veronica I. Olvera
Clinical Nursing Specialist Donna Brennan
Clinical Psychology Veronica I. Olvera
Clinical Supervision Charles Chege
Clinical Supervision and Training Sheryn T. Scott
Clinical work Grace Matsuda
Coach-Athlete Relationships Paul Saville
Coaching Chris Keife
Coaching Gary Knecht
Coaching Mergers Thomas D. Cairns
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Mark J. Souris
Cognitive Neuroscience Joyce W. Lacy
Cognitive Science of Religion Adam Green
Cognitive Theory Jeffrey Grubbs
Collaboration Rebecca Genzink
Collaborative piano Lukas Swidzinski
Collaborative Writing Diana Pavlac Glyer
College Football Paul Svagdis
College Student Affairs Sharyn Slavin Miller
College Student Affairs Dennis Sheridan
Combinatorics Andre Harmse
Commercial Music David Beatty
Commercial Music Thomas Hynes
Commercial Voice Letitia Ugwueke
Communication John Hamilton
Communication: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Doug Campbell
Communication Studies Bala Musa
Community and Public Health Julia Pusztai
Community-based Programming Olivia Sevilla
Community Health Linda Crawford
Community Health Janet Wessels
Community Health Shirley Farr
Community Health Nursing Jane Pfeiffer
Community Health Nursing Elizabeth Lopez
Community Health Promotion - Smoking Cessation Leslie Van Dover
Community Nursing Janice Haley
Community Psychology Katharine Putman
Community/School Nursing Carmen Spalding
Community Wellness Programs Lynda Reed
Comparative Literature Carole Lambert
Composition Stephen P. Johnson
Composition Gail Bouslough
Composition Phil Shackleton
Composition and Orchestration Michael Lee
Composition and Rhetoric Diana Pavlac Glyer
Composition Studies David Esselstrom
Composition theory and critical theory Thomas Allbaugh
Computational Chemistry Carrie Miller
Computer applications Richard Eckhart
Computer games as art Shelby Moser
Computer Operating Systems Simon Lin
Computer Programming Languages Simon Lin
Computer Science Technology Simon Lin
Computer Technology in Graphic Design David McGill
Concert Band Thomas Philips
Conducting John Burdett
Conducting Rodney Cathey
Conducting Stephen P. Johnson
Conducting Beverly Crain
Conducting a Musical Ensemble Dennis Royse
Conductor/arranger David Joyce
Confidence and Motivation in Youth Sport Paul Saville
Conflict/Dispute Resolution Starla Anderson
Conflict Management Ruth Anna Abigail
Conflict Management David R. Dunaetz
Conflict Management in Organizations Marv Erisman
Constitutional Law Douglas Hume
Constitutional Law Cloyd E. Havens II
constructivist classroom pedagogy Joyce McNeill
Consumer Behavior Rachel S. Bodell
Contemporary and Future Composition of Media Kyle Huckins
Contemporary Art and Theory Jennifer Quick
Contemporary art history Shelby Moser
Contemporary Culture Caleb D. Spencer
Contemporary literature Christine Kern
Contemporary Orchestration David B. “Rusty” Higgins
Contemporary Religion Dennis Okholm
Contemporary Sculpture William Catling
Contemporary Theology John S. Park
Contextual/Global Approaches to Biblical Interpretation Federico A. Roth
Continental Theology and Critical Theory Michael Jimenez
Corporate Strategy, Staffing, and Performance Measurement Ebenezer Puplampu
Costume design Beverly Crain
Counseling Psychology Specializing in Career Development Jerry Houser
Course Design Tasha Bleistein
Creative Development Tonja Graves Schmitt
Creative Dramatics Marcia S. Berry
Creative Writing Katie Manning
Creative Writing Michael Dean Clark
Creative Writing Nancy Brashear
Creative Writing Ralph Carlson
Creative Writing (Fiction, Stage Plays, Screenplays) David Esselstrom
credential candidates Gregory Kaiser
Crisis Response Louanna Law Bickham
Critical Care Nurse Patricia Frohock Hanes, PhD, MSN
Critical Care Nursing Karen E. Schaid
Critical Care/Trauma Marie Podboy
Critical Methodologies Timothy Finlay
Critical Theory Kirsten Gerdes
Crookes’ Radiometer Timothy Heumier
Cross-Cultural Competence Penny K. Eccles
Cross-Cultural Program Design Richard Slimbach
C.S. Lewis Diana Pavlac Glyer
Cultural Diversity Paul Flores
Cultural Hermeneutics Alice Yafeh-Deigh
Culturally Competent Health Care Marie N. Fongwa
Culturally Responsive Interventions Juanita Cole
Cultural Priming Benjamin Uel Marsh
Cultural Psychology Priscila Diaz
Cultural Psychology Annie Tsai
Culture and Cognitive Development Juanita Cole
Curriculum and Instruction M. Roger White
Curriculum and Instruction Ruth Anna Abigail
Curriculum and Instruction Frank Berry
Curriculum Design Jennette Diamond
Curriculum Design Elaine Goehner
Curriculum Development Christopher Schmidt
Curriculum Foundations Katy Lux
Curriculum Planning Michael Block
Curriculum Studies Ruth Givens
Curriculum Theory Jeffrey Grubbs
Customer Satisfaction Julia Underwood
Customer Service Relations Robert Waltz
Dallas Willard Keith J. Matthews
Database Information Technology Simon Lin
Data Mining Chong Ho (Alex) Yu
Dead Sea Scrolls Robert Duke
Decathlon, Triathlon, and Heptathlon Training Sue Hebel
Design Education David McGill
Design for Social Justice Terry Dobson
Development Across the Lifespan Melaura Erickson Tomaino
Developmental Psychology Juanita Cole
Developmental Psychology Priscila Diaz
Development Economics Roger Conover
Diabetes Catherine Heinlein
Diabetes Prevention Lina Kawar
Diabetes Prevention Julia Pusztai
Dialects/Accents Kirsten Humer
Diction Patricia Edwards
Diction Douglas Sumi
Dielectric Spectroscopy Christopher Bassey
Digital and Hybrid Creative Writing Course Design Michael Dean Clark
Digital Microfluidic Biochips Daniel Grissom
Disability Studies in Antiquity Matthew Hauge
Disease Prevention Katherine Tong
Disparities in Health Rachel Castaneda
Diverse students in higher education Yvette Latunde
Diversity Brent A. Wood
Diversity Competency/Global Mental Health Issues Charles Chege
Diversity in Higher Education Pamela M. Christian
Diversity in Student Affairs Sharyn Slavin Miller
Diversity in the Classroom Ivy Yee-Sakamoto
Diversity/Social Justice Sarah Visser
Divine Appointments Ryan Montague
Divinity Thomas Edelen
Documentary Film John Hamilton
Double Bass Timothy Eckert
Drama Matthew J. Smith
Dramatic Theory and Criticism Thomas Parham
Drawing Kari Dunham
Drawing Claudia Morales McCain
Drawing Jamie Sweetman
Drawing Moto Okawa
Dual Language Acquisition Susan Warren
Dynamic Advertising Effectiveness Ho Kim
Dynamical Systems Edwin Ding
Early Childhood Special Education Yvette Latunde
Early Christian Literarture Kenneth L. Waters Sr.
Early Jewish Christianity Karen Strand Winslow
Early Judaism Kay Higuera Smith
Early Judaism Lynn Allan Losie
Early Modern Catholicism Verónica Gutiérrez
Eating Disorders Catherine Heinlein
Ecclesiology and Pneumatology Patrick Oden
Econometric and Time Series Modeling in Volatility Analysis for Derivatives and Asset Pricing Jau-Lian Jeng
Econometric Modeling, Time-Series Modeling, Bayesian Analysis, Big Data Ho Kim
Economic Development Stuart Strother
Economic Policy Stuart Strother
Economics and Theology Paul Shrier
Education John David Landers
Education Tonja Graves Schmitt
Educational Administration Frank Berry
Educational Leadership Robert Vouga
Educational Leadership and Administration Christopher Quinn
Educational Multimedia and Technology Thomas Wilson
Educational Psychology Sharyn Slavin Miller
Educational Psychology Jennifer Courduff
Educational Psychology David R. Morrison
Educational Psychology and Higher Education Administration Jerry Houser
Educational Technology Joanne Gilbreath
Educational Technology Stephen Cochrane
Education Psychology Kate Scorgie
Education Reform and Restructuring Daniel Elliott
Education Technology Jennifer Courduff
Educator Preparation Rebekah Harris
effective teaching instruction Joyce McNeill
Elder Justice Adria Navarro
eLearning Thomas Wilson
Elementary Education Daniel Doorn
Elementary Mathematics Kathleen Fletcher Bacer
Elie Wiesel Carole Lambert
EMDR Sabrina Friedman
Emergent Church Keith J. Matthews
Emerging/Missional Church Movements Patrick Oden
Emotional and Social Intelligence - Emotion Coaching Ryan Montague
Employee and Organizational Development Rose Murillo
Employee Involvement Randy Witt
Employee Relations Rose Murillo
Employee Training Robert Sylvia, Jr.
Employer/Employee Relations Cloyd E. Havens II
Endocrinology Cahleen Shrier
Endoscopy Lab Nursing Nemesio Del Rosario
Engineering Physics Christopher Bassey
English Adrien Lowery
English Christine Kern
English Tami Lincoln
English as a Second Language (ESL) Daniel Doorn
English Literature Christopher Noble
Entertainment Industry, Durable Goods Industry Ho Kim
Environmental Economics Roger Conover
Environmental Science Matthew Kamper
Epigenetics Research S. Pamela Shiao
Epistemology Adam Green
equation modeling Ying Hong Jiang
Ethical Issues in Design Becky Roe
Ethical Reporting Jim Willis
Ethics Aaron Mead
Ethics Penny K. Eccles
Ethics and Leadership Brent A. Wood
Ethics and Worship Brian Lugioyo
Ethics in Nursing Constance Milton
Ethics Related to Genetics and Genomics Gwen Anderson
Ethnic Literature Mark Eaton
Ethnic Studies Linda Chiang
European History Diane Guido
Evaluation Systems Stephanie Juillerat
Evangelical Political Engagement David Weeks
Evidence-based Practice Michael Wong, PT
Evidence-based Practice Nemesio Del Rosario
Evidence-Based Practice Penny K. Eccles
Evidence-based Wellness/Fitness Program Design and Implementation Daniel A. Farwell
Executive Development Thomas D. Cairns
Exercise Physiology Sue Hebel
Existential Psychotherapy Stephen Lambert
Experimental Processes Brent Everett Dickinson
Faculty Governance and Leadership Patricia Frohock Hanes, PhD, MSN
faith and healing Andrea Ivanov-Craig
Faith and the arts Monica Ganas
Faith-Based Higher Education Karen A. Longman
Faith Integration Ruth Anna Abigail
Faith Integration Charles Chege
Faith Integration in Health Care Anna Marie Hefner
Faith Integration, Theology, and Psychology William Whitney
Fall Prevention and Education Tamara Eichelberger
Family Care Grace Moorefield
Family Centered Critical Care Katie McCoy-Hill
Family Counseling Vicki Ewing
Family Counseling Katy Tangenberg
Family Health Erica Murray
Family Health Debra Palmer
Family Homelessness Samuel Girguis
Family Nurse Practitioner Elizabeth Lopez
Family Nurse Practitioner Connie Brehm
Family Nurse Practitioner Renee Pozza
Family Practice Sabrina Friedman
Family Practice Cathy McPhee
Family Practice Sheryl Nespor
Family Psychology Veronica I. Olvera
Family Psychology Mark Stanton
Family Psychology Katharine Putman
Family Psychology Stephen Cheung
Family Relationships Jim Burns
Family Systems Kimberly Setterlund
Family Therapy Stephen Cheung
Family violence Sheryl Tyson
Family Violence Olivia Sevilla
Fandom Daniel Pawley
Fantasy Literature Sarah Adams
Federalism Abbylin H. Sellers
Feminist Hermeneutics Alice Yafeh-Deigh
Feminist Philosophy Kirsten Gerdes
Fetal Monitoring Karla Kendall Richmond
Fiction Joseph Bentz
Fiction & Nonfiction Professional Writing Michael Dean Clark
Fiction writing and creative nonfiction Thomas Allbaugh
Filipino Americans Felicitas dela Cruz
Film aesthetics Nathaniel Bell
Film and society Monica Ganas
Film and Television Production John Hamilton
Film criticism Jeff Tirrell
Film criticism Warren Koch
Film criticism Nathaniel Bell
Film Criticism Thomas Parham
Film history Nathaniel Bell
Film History David Esselstrom
Financial Accounting Rachel G. Mabiala
Financial and Accounting Practices Paul Anderson
Financial Auditing Rachel G. Mabiala
Financial Management Stanley Deal
Finite Group Theory Sharon McCathern
First Amendment “Establishment Clause” Jurisprudence Jennifer E. Walsh
First- and Second-Language Acquisition Eric Drewry
Fitness Sue Hebel
fMRI Research Joyce W. Lacy
Foreign Defense Technology Leslie Wickman
Foreign Language Dictation David Kress
Forensic Psychology Marjorie Graham-Howard
Forensic Psychology Robert Welsh
Forgiveness Ruth Anna Abigail
Forgiveness, Apology, and Reconciliation Starla Anderson
Form Criticism Timothy Finlay
Foster Care Samuel Girguis
Foundations and Community Health Melissa Muddell
Foundations in Teaching Strategies, Curriculum, and Classroom Management Kathleen Fletcher Bacer
Freelance Nonfiction Joseph Bentz
French Colonialism Bradley Hale
French Literature James Fujitani
Friends (Quaker) Theology and Practice Kent Walkemeyer
Function of the Toledot Formula in Ruth 4 Matt Thomas
Future of nursing Catherine M. Todero
Gallery Preparation William Catling
Gender Equity in the Classroom Beverly Hardcastle Stanford
Gender Issues Karen A. Longman
General Biology Megan Prosser
General Christian Ministry Richard “Dick” Pritchard
General Education Russell Duke
General Education Donna Block
General Linguistics Eric Drewry
General Medicine/Acute Care Wendy Chung
Genetic Algorithms Samuel Sambasivam
Genetic engineering Megan Prosser
Genetics S. Pamela Shiao
Genetics Megan Prosser
Genetics and Genomics Education Gwen Anderson
Genetics and Genomics Health Care Gwen Anderson
Genome Health Research S. Pamela Shiao
Genuine Dialogue Ryan Montague
Geography Robert Mullins
Geriatric Nursing Mary Anne Kilday
Geriatrics Cheryl Mercurio
Geriatrics Sheryl Nespor
German Feminism and Antifeminism Diane Guido
German Language Diane Guido
Gerontologic Nursing Karen E. Schaid
Gerontology Melinda Dicken
Gerontology Patricia Esslin
Gerontology Marjorie Graham-Howard
Gerontology Diana Lynn Woods
Gifted and Talented Education Chris Yoon
Global Biblical Interpretation Kay Higuera Smith
Global Education Richard Slimbach
Glyphs, Signs, Symbols, and Icons Terry Dobson
God's Financial Principles and Priorities Mark Bargaehr
Golden Age Spanish Literature César Aroldo Solórzano
Gospel Studies Kenneth L. Waters Sr.
Graduate Choral Conducting David Hughes
Graduate Education in Family Psychology Mark Stanton
Graduate Music History Kimasi Browne
Graduate Nursing Simulation Experiences Lynda Reed
Graffiti and Street Art G. James Daichendt
Grant Evaluation Joanne Gilbreath
Grants John David Landers
Grant Writing Linda Crawford
Grant Writing Catherine Fisher
Grant Writing Olivia Sevilla
Granular materials Bradley McCoy
Graphical User Interface Design James Aksel
Graphic Design Charity Capili
Graphic Design Amy Fox
Graphic Design Angela Lee
Graphic Design Cabrina Alviar
Greco-Roman Literature and Early Christian Narrative Matthew Hauge
Greco-Roman Sexual Ethics Alice Yafeh-Deigh
Group and Team Dynamics Doug Campbell
Group Dynamics Ruth Anna Abigail
group dynamics/team building Robert Martin
Group Facilitation Ryan T. Hartwig
Group Fitness Diana Rudulph
Group Process and Therapy William Whitney
Group Skills in Clinical Practice Stephen Cheung
Guitar Performance Michael Kozubek
Hacker's ethic in the art Shelby Moser
Haigiography Sarah Adams
Harlem Renaissance Patricia Andujo
Harry Potter and the Christian Reaction James Hedges
Healing Prayer Jane Pfeiffer
Health Assessment Debra Palmer
Health Assessment Diane Sadoughi
Health Care Administration Cheryl Mercurio
Healthcare Management Marilyn Klakovich
Health Care Management Sabrina Friedman
Health Care Needs of the Homeless Connie Brehm
Health Care Simulation Mario Macayaon
Health Education Kevin Reid
Health Education Katherine Tong
Health Education and Wellness Julia Pusztai
Health Nutrition Jon Milhon
Health Outreach to Medically-underserved Communities Koy Parada
Health Promotion Diana Rudulph
Health Promotion Katherine Tong
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Rachel Castaneda
Health Status, Culture, and SES Priscila Diaz
Hearing Loss John Burdett
Heart failure Laurie Lang
Heart Failure Nabil Hanna
Hebrew Robert Duke
Hellenistic World Lynn Allan Losie
Hemodynamic Monitoring Katie McCoy-Hill
Hepatitis B and Cancer Prevention/Control in Asian Americans Koy Parada
Hepatitis C Renee Pozza
Hepatology Anna Marie Hefner
Hermeneutics Kay Higuera Smith
Hermeneutics Federico A. Roth
Hermeneutics Seth Heringer
Higher Education Sharyn Slavin Miller
Higher Education Dennis Sheridan
Higher Education Sarah Visser
Hispanic Religious Studies Enrique Zone
Historical Phenomenology Matthew J. Smith
Historical Pronunciation Claire Fedoruk
Historical Research/Trends in American Education David Colachico
Historical Theology David Hunsicker
Historical Theology Dennis Okholm
Historical Theory Seth Heringer
Historiography Michael Jimenez
History of Analytic Philosophy Teri Merrick
History of Biblical Interpretation William Yarchin
History of Early Modern Performance Matthew J. Smith
History of Ethics Aaron Mead
History of Philosophy John Culp
History of Photography Jennifer Quick
History of Religion in America Bryan Lamkin
History of Rhetoric David Esselstrom
History of Spaceflight Leslie Wickman
History of the American West Bryan Lamkin
History of U.S. Foreign Relations Ethan Schrum
HIV Research Sarah Fox
Home health Grace Matsuda
Home Health: Children with Special Needs Janice Haley
Homeless Health Debra Palmer
Horn Alexander Koops
Hospice Mary Anne Kilday
Hospital Administration Cathy McPhee
Hospital Leadership Elaine Goehner
Human Anatomy Ron Norris
Human and Organizational Development Karen Maynard
Human Body in Visual Art Guy Kinnear
Human Developement Gordon Jorgenson III
Human Development Beverly Hardcastle Stanford
Human dynamics involved with organizational change Gary Clifford
Human Growth and Development Kate Scorgie
Humanitarian Assistance Studies Grace Bahng
Human Pathophysiology Ron Norris
Human Physiology Ron Norris
Human Resource Administration Rose Murillo
Human Resources William Loose
Human Resources Murray Flagg
Human Resources Wendi Dykes
Human Resources Management Kelly Terrell
Human Resources Management Ebenezer Puplampu
Humor Communication Ryan Montague
Hypertension Prevention Julia Pusztai
Icons and Images Becky Roe
Immigrant Health Issues Najood Ghazi Azar
Immigrant/Minority Experience in the U.S. Priscila Diaz
Immunology Willetta Toole-Simms
Immunology Megan Prosser
Immunology Sarah Richart
Impact of New Media Platforms Jim Willis
Impact of the Web 2.0 Media Jim Willis
Implications of HIV/AIDS Katy Tangenberg
Improvisation in piano and voice John Proulx
Inclusion Yvette Latunde
Individual and Adult Therapy Holli Eaton
Inductive Bible Study Methods John E. Hartley
Industrial Safety Robert Sylvia, Jr.
Infant Development Janice Haley
Infant Health Erica Murray
Information Systems Auditing Rachel G. Mabiala
Information technology project management Pat Brashear
Informed Consent Sheryl Nespor
Innovation Jillian Gilbert
Inorganic Chemistry Jennifer Young
Installation Clovis Blackwell
Installation Art Kent Anderson Butler
Instructional Design Frank Berry
Instrumental accompanying Lukas Swidzinski
Instrumental Accompanying Joel Clifft
Instrumental Techniques Donald Neufeld
Instrumental Techniques Michael Kozubek
Instrumental Techniques/Conducting Alexander Koops
Intensive Care Medicine Nabil Hanna
Intercultural Adjustment Richard Slimbach
Intercultural Communication Mary Shepard Wong
Intercultural Issues Amy Jung
Intercultural Studies Chinaka S. DomNwachukwu
Intercultural Studies Juan Guerrero
Interface Design James Aksel
Intergroup Relationships (Perceived Ethnic Discrimination, and Attitudes Toward Minorities) Priscila Diaz
International Affairs David Lambert
International and Intercultural Communication Bala Musa
International Business Pamela Penson
International Business Doug Campbell
International Development/Community Development Grace Bahng
International Economics Pamela Penson
International Entrepreneurship Pamela Penson
International Health, Urban Health, Immigrant Health Koy Parada
International Journalism Brooke Van Dam
International Marketing Rachel S. Bodell
International Phonetics Alphabet Kirsten Humer
International Relations Kimberly B.W. Denu
Interpersonal Communication Ryan Montague
Interpersonal Communication Kate Scorgie
Interventions for anxiety within the school setting Michael Salce
Interventions for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Melaura Erickson Tomaino
Intravenous Cardiovascular Medications Katie McCoy-Hill
Introduction to Biology Willetta Toole-Simms
Irish theater Rachel Tracie
Issues in Consumer Behavior Ilene Bezjian
Issues of School Reform and Educational Change Christopher Quinn
IT Infrastructure Rodney Ulrich
Jazz and Commercial Keyboard Performance Music and Ethics Michael Lee
Jazz Band and Improvisation David B. “Rusty” Higgins
Jazz Education Thomas Hynes
Jazz Music David Beatty
Jazz pedagogy in piano and voice John Proulx
Jazz performance John Proulx
Jewish-Christian Relations Kay Higuera Smith
Jewish Studies Karen Strand Winslow
Joseph Beuys Brent Everett Dickinson
Journalism Michael Dean Clark
Journalism Brooke Van Dam
Journalism and Media Studies Bala Musa
J.R.R. Tolkien Diana Pavlac Glyer
K-12 Education Susan Warren
K-12 Education John David Landers
K–12 Education Policy Rebekah Harris
K–8 Administration Janine Ezaki
K–8 Curriculum and Instruction Janine Ezaki
Kantian Epistemology Teri Merrick
Katherine Paterson James Hedges
Keyboards David Joyce
Labor and Employee Relations Thomas D. Cairns
Labor Relations Robert Sylvia, Jr.
Language Acquisition Christopher Quinn
Language and Culture Juan Guerrero
Language Course Design and Program Design Mary Shepard Wong
Language Dependent Recall Benjamin Uel Marsh
Language Teaching and Christian Mission Mary Shepard Wong
Large-scale information systems development Pat Brashear
Lasers Timothy Heumier
Latin American History Verónica Gutiérrez
Latino Church Studies Arlene M. Sánchez-Walsh
Latino Student Achievement Christopher Quinn
Law Starla Anderson
Law Cloyd E. Havens II
Laws and Ethics Holli Eaton
Leadership Janet Wessels
Leadership Melissa Muddell
Leadership Robert Sylvia, Jr.
Leadership Roxanne Helm-Stevens
Leadership Karen Maynard
Leadership Fred G. Garlett
Leadership Shawna L. Lafreniere
Leadership Gary Lemaster
Leadership and administration Sharon Lehman
Leadership and management Laurie Lang
Leadership and Management Sabrina Friedman
Leadership and Management Shirley Farr
Leadership and Management Consultant Kelly Terrell
Leadership and Management in Nursing Karen E. Schaid
Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness Ebenezer Puplampu
Leadership Development Orlando Griego
Leadership Development Karen A. Longman
Leadership Development Doug Campbell
Leadership Development Kent Walkemeyer
Leadership Education Jeffrey S. Boian
Leadership in Social Work Olivia Sevilla
Leadership Studies Robert Waltz
Lean Manufacturing Randy Witt
Learning and Memory Scott Wood
Learning and Memory Joyce W. Lacy
Learning Groups Randy Fall
Learning Process Katy Lux
Learning Styles Christopher Schmidt
Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Nursing and Medicine Sheryl Nespor
Legal Studies Douglas Hume
Liberal Studies Paul Flores
Liberation Theology Patrick Oden
Library and Information Science Paul Gray
Linguistics Katie Manning
Linklater Voice Kirsten Humer
Liquid crystals Bradley McCoy
Literacy Daniel Doorn
Literacy and Language Development Nancy Brashear
Literacy and Schooling Juanita Cole
Literacy Education Donna Block
Literary and Rhetorical Methods of Biblical Interpretation Alice Yafeh-Deigh
Literary Criticism Christopher Noble
Literary Nonfiction Michael Dean Clark
literature Andrea Ivanov-Craig
Literature and Theology Emily Griesinger
Literature in choral music Eniko St. Clair
Living and Working in Space Leslie Wickman
Logo Design and Branding David McGill
London's Religious Tract Society Kristen Sipper-Denlinger
Long-term Care Cheryl Mercurio
Long-term Marketing Effectiveness Ho Kim
Low-dimensional Modeling Edwin Ding
Luxury Branding Rachel S. Bodell
Management Ronald Jewe
Management Roxanne Helm-Stevens
Management Roger Conover
Management and Leadership Ilene Bezjian
Management Decision Making George Babbes
Management Information Systems Rachel G. Mabiala
Managerial Communication Frank Berry
Manual Therapy Michael Wong, PT
Marching Band Thomas Philips
Marital and Couples Therapy Holli Eaton
Marketing Robert Waltz
Marketing Ilene Bezjian
Marketing and Branding Rachel S. Bodell
Marketing and Communications Mark Bargaehr
Marketing Ethics Rachel S. Bodell
Marketing Research Jon Torp
Marketing Strategy Jon Torp
Marriage Jim Burns
Marriage and Family Therapy Louanna Law Bickham
Marriage and Family Therapy David R. Morrison
Marriage Therapy Vicki Ewing
Mass Communication Brooke Van Dam
Maternal-Child Health, particularly Adolescent Reproductive Health Leslie Van Dover
Maternal Child Nursing Melissa Muddell
Maternal Child Nursing Shirley Farr
Maternal Health and Nutrition Catherine Heinlein
Maternity Nursing Lina Badr
Math Education Mark Arvidson
Math Education Sharon McCathern
Mathematical modeling Richard Eckhart
Mathematical Modeling Jau-Lian Jeng
Mathematics Richard Eckhart
Mathematics Sharon McCathern
Mathematics Fermin Jaramillo
MCSE Windows Server 2008 Rodney Ulrich
Mechanistic Physical Organic Chemistry Kevin Sheng-Lin Huang
Media and Culture Daniel Pawley
Media Criticism Kyle Huckins
Media Effects John Hamilton
Media Ethics and History Jim Willis
Mediation Vicki Ewing
Mediation/Negotiation Starla Anderson
Medical Education Nabil Hanna
Medical/Health Physics Christopher Bassey
Medical Oncology Patricia Esslin
Medical/Oncology Social Work Kimberly Setterlund
Medical Social Work Catherine Fisher
Medical-Surgical Nursing Melinda Dicken
Medical-Surgical Nursing Patricia Esslin
Medical-Surgical Nursing Mario Macayaon
Medical-Surgical Nursing Diane Sadoughi
Medical-Surgical Nursing Cheryl Boyd
Medical/Surgical Nursing Nemesio Del Rosario
Medieval History Edmund Mazza
Medieval Literature Sarah Adams
Medieval Philosophy Aaron Mead
Memoir Susan Isaacs
Mental Health Grace Moorefield
Mental Health Cheryl Mercurio
Mental Health Viann Duncan
Mental Health/Counseling Mary Rawlings
Mental Health Nursing Vivien Dee, RN, DNSc
Mentall Illness Christine R. Guzman
Mentoring Beverly Hardcastle Stanford
Mentoring Donna Block
Mesoamerican Cultures Verónica Gutiérrez
Metaethics Aaron Mead
Metaphysics Joshua Rasmussen
Microbiology Sarah Richart
Microfinance Grace Bahng
Mid-17th-Century Roman Cantatas/Opera Claire Fedoruk
Middle Eastern Culture Lina Kawar
Midwifery Sarah Obermeyer
Mime/Pantomime Marcia S. Berry
Minimalism of the 20th Century Claire Fedoruk
Ministry in the postmodern context Robert A. Muthiah
Missiology David R. Dunaetz
Missionary Sharon Titus
Mitochondrial Disease Gail Reiner
Mobile Learning Jennifer Courduff
Mode Hopping in Diode Lasers Timothy Heumier
Mode-locked Lasers Edwin Ding
Modern Africa Bradley Hale
Modern Europe Bradley Hale
Modern European History Diane Guido
Modern France Bradley Hale
Modern World History Bradley Hale
Molecular Biology Sarah Richart
Molecular Dynamics Carrie Miller
Monastic History and Theology Dennis Okholm
Money John M. Thornton
Moral/Civic Education Daniel Elliott
Moral Psychology Aaron Mead
Motivational Theory Jeffrey Grubbs
Mouse Operant Conditioning Paradigms Loren Martin
Movement Therapy Stephen Cochrane
Multicultural and Bilingual Issues Veronica I. Olvera
Multicultural communication Maria Pacino
Multicultural Competency Issues Jenss Chang
Multicultural Education Chris Yoon
Multicultural Theory and Psychotherapy Joy Bustrum
Multilingual Multicultural Development Piljoo Kang
Multimedia Mark Nelson
Muscle Physiology Tamara Eichelberger
Music and Business John Van Houten Jr.
Music business John Proulx
Music Business David Beatty
Music Contracting John Van Houten Jr.
Music Education Alexander Koops
Music Education Jim Altizer
Music Education Dennis Royse
Music Education Rodney Cathey
Music Education Donald Neufeld
Music Education David Hughes
Music Education Michelle Jensen
Music Education Michael Kozubek
Music Education K–12 Thomas Philips
Music Fundamentals Joel Clifft
Music History Christopher Russell
Music History Dennis Royse
Music History Stephen P. Johnson
Music History Robert Sage
Music in Film John Van Houten Jr.
Music Instructing John Van Houten Jr.
Music of the African Diaspora Kimasi Browne
Music Performance Frank Berry
Music Performance Jennifer Showalter
Music Production Donald Neufeld
Music Recording in Hollywood John Van Houten Jr.
Music Technology Stephen Martin
Music Technology Phil Shackleton
Music Technology, Studio Recording Michael Lee
Music/Theatrical production Beverly Crain
Music Theory Christopher Russell
Music Theory Alex Russell
Music Theory Dennis Royse
Music Theory Thomas Hynes
Music Theory Michael Kozubek
Music Theory Joel Clifft
Music Theory and Composition Donald Neufeld
Music theory/Aural skills Eniko St. Clair
NAIA Baseball Paul Svagdis
NAIA Cross Country Kevin Reid
NAIA Football Victor Santa Cruz
NAIA Track and Field Kevin Reid
Nature of Music Learning John Burdett
Neonatal ICU Shirley Farr
Neonatal Pediatrics Anna Marie Hefner
Neurobiology and Behavior Joyce W. Lacy
Neurobiology of Disease Loren Martin
Neurodevelopmental Technique Penny K. Eccles
Neuroeducation Stephen Cochrane
Neuroendocrinology Skyla Herod
Neurological Rehabilitation Tamara Eichelberger
Neurology Penny K. Eccles
Neurology Gail Reiner
Neuromuscular Changes that Occur with Aging Tamara Eichelberger
Neuroscience and the Soul Brian Lugioyo
New Atheism Chong Ho (Alex) Yu
New Products/Brand Managment George Babbes
News Media and Government Jim Willis
News Media and Society Jim Willis
New Testament Kay Higuera Smith
New Testament Lynn Allan Losie
New Testament Background Keith Reeves
New Testament Exegesis Alice Yafeh-Deigh
New Testament Greek Keith Reeves
New Testament Greek Lynn Allan Losie
New Testament Studies Kenneth L. Waters Sr.
Nonlinear Waves Edwin Ding
Nonprofit Murray Flagg
Nonprofit Cloyd E. Havens II
Nonprofit Management Catherine Fisher
Nonprofit Management Cloyd E. Havens II
Nonprofit/NGO Organizations Doug Campbell
Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education Karen Maynard
Novels and Short Stories of Robert Olen Butler Ralph Carlson
NPH Patient Classification System Vivien Dee, RN, DNSc
Numerical methods Richard Eckhart
Nurse Educator Sharon Titus
Nurse Satisfaction Elaine Goehner
Nursing Lina Kawar
Nursing Karla Kendall Richmond
Nursing Gail Wallace
Nursing Mary Anne Kilday
Nursing Sarah Fox
Nursing Renee Pozza
Nursing Administration Vivien Dee, RN, DNSc
Nursing Consulting Marilyn Klakovich
Nursing education Catherine M. Todero
Nursing education Laurie Lang
Nursing Education Najood Ghazi Azar
Nursing Education Renee Pozza
Nursing Education Vicky R. Bowden
Nursing Education, Adult Education, and Distance Learning Patricia Frohock Hanes, PhD, MSN
Nursing education and curriculum development Laurie Lang
Nursing Innovations S. Pamela Shiao
Nursing practice Catherine M. Todero
Nursing Practice Elaine Goehner
Nursing Program Planning Constance Milton
Nursing Research Constance Milton
Nursing Theory Constance Milton
Nursing Theory Gwen Anderson
Nursing Workforce Diversity Program Felicitas dela Cruz
Nutritional Supplementation to Physical Therapy Performance and Rehabilitation Daniel A. Farwell
Occupational Health Connie Brehm
Office-based Care for Low-income Populations Lynda Reed
Older Adults and Families Adria Navarro
Older Adults and Families Kimberly Setterlund
Older Adults and Families Louanna Law Bickham
Old Testament Interpretation John E. Hartley
Old Testament Theology (Anger, The Holy Spirit, Anthropomorphism) Bruce Baloian
On-Camera Acting Jill Brennan-Lincoln
Oncology Nursing Mario Macayaon
Online and Broadcast Journalism Brooke Van Dam
Online Course Development Frank Berry
Online Education Cathy McPhee
Online Instructional Design Thomas Wilson
Online Learning Environments Kathleen Fletcher Bacer
Online Search Activity of Consumers Ho Kim
Online Word-of-Mouth Activity of Consumers Ho Kim
Ontology of interactive art Shelby Moser
Opera Lukas Swidzinski
Opera Patricia Edwards
Opera Melanie Galloway
Opera Douglas Sumi
Opera Ruby Hinds
Opera Robert Sage
Operant Conditioning Loren Martin
Opera Production Melanie Galloway
Oral Interpretation Marcia S. Berry
Orchestra Excerpts Jonathan Moerschel
Orchestral Conducting Christopher Russell
Orchestral Performance Ingrid Chun
Orchestration Stephen P. Johnson
Organ Janet Harms
Organizational Analysis Gary Clifford
Organizational Behavior Jeffrey S. Boian
Organizational Behavior Karen Maynard
Organizational Behavior Gary Lemaster
Organizational Change Jeffrey S. Boian
Organizational Communication Wendi Dykes
Organizational Communication Ryan T. Hartwig
Organizational Culture Gary Lemaster
Organizational Culture Sarah Visser
Organizational Development Orlando Griego
Organizational Development Wendi Dykes
Organizational Development Gary Lemaster
Organizational Effectiveness Julia Underwood
Organizational Effectiveness Roxanne Helm-Stevens
Organizational Evaluations and Strategic Planning Programs Jerry Houser
Organizational Leadership Robert E. Sylvia
Organizational Leadership Dennis Sheridan
Organizational Leadership Ronald Jewe
Organizational Leadership Wendi Dykes
Organizational Leadership and Development Jillian Gilbert
Organizational Management Dana Moss
Organizational Process Design and Improvement Ebenezer Puplampu
Organizational Psychology David R. Dunaetz
Organization Design and Staffing Thomas D. Cairns
Orthopedic Rehabilitation/Injury Prevention Daniel A. Farwell
Orthopedics Debra Palmer
Outcomes Assessment Stephanie Juillerat
Output for print Anthony Caltabiano
Pain Management Patricia Esslin
Painting Caron Rand
Painting Kari Dunham
Painting Claudia Morales McCain
Painting Nicole Green Hodges
Painting Jamie Sweetman
Painting Moto Okawa
Painting/Drawing Brent Everett Dickinson
Painting & Pigment Guy Kinnear
Palliative Care Nursing Cheryl Boyd
Parenting Jim Burns
Parenting Issues and Autism Lowell Renold
Parish Nursing Leslie Van Dover
Pastoral Decision Making Lind Coop
Pastoral Leadership Nathan Watkins
Pastoral Ministries Richard “Dick” Pritchard
Pastoral Ministry Kent Walkemeyer
Pastoral Teaching Ministries Stephen Lambert
Pathology Jon Milhon
Pathophysiology Nabil Hanna
Patient and Family-centered Care Catherine Hill
Patient Care Services Cathy McPhee
Patient-centered Chronic Disease Management Lynda Reed
Patient-/Family-Centered Care Elaine Goehner
Patient Safety Elaine Goehner
Patient Satisfaction Marie N. Fongwa
Patristics Stephen Emerson
Pauline Epistles Kenneth L. Waters Sr.
Pedagogy Michael Dean Clark
Pediatric Care and Gastrointestinal Anomalies Donna Brennan
Pediatric Developmental Assessment Marcia Davis
Pediatric Didactic/Clinical Sarah Fox
Pediatric Health Elizabeth Lopez
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Janice Haley
Pediatric Nursing Marcia Davis
Pediatric Nursing Sarah Fox
Pediatric Nursing Vicky R. Bowden
Pediatric Orthopedics Marcia Davis
Pediatrics Najood Ghazi Azar
Pediatrics Katherine Tong
Pediatrics Shirley Farr
Pediatrics Lina Badr
Pediatrics Carmen Spalding
Pediatrics Donna Brennan
Pentateuch Timothy Finlay
Pentateuch/Old Testament Junia Pokrifka
Pentecostalism Arlene M. Sánchez-Walsh
Performance Art Kent Anderson Butler
Performance Enhancement Paul Saville
Perinatal Nursing Anna Marie Hefner
Permutation Pattern Matching Andre Harmse
Personalities and Backgrounds of Jesus and Paul Kenneth L. Waters Sr.
Personal Leadership Development Jillian Gilbert
Pharmacology Diane Sadoughi
Pharmacology and Pathophysiology for Nursing Karen E. Schaid
Phase transitions Bradley McCoy
Philosophy John M. Thornton
Philosophy Chong Ho (Alex) Yu
Philosophy Craig Keen
Philosophy and Ethics in Education Ruth Givens
Philosophy and Psychology of Music Education John Burdett
Philosophy of Education Jack Weimer
Philosophy of Mind Adam Green
Philosophy of Mind Joshua Rasmussen
Philosophy of Personhood Kirsten Gerdes
Philosophy of Psychology Adam Green
Philosophy of Religion Daniel Pawley
Philosophy of Religion John Culp
Philosophy of Religion Kirsten Gerdes
Phonetics, Phonology, and Teaching Pronunciation Richard Robison
Photography Chong Ho (Alex) Yu
Photography Kent Anderson Butler
Photography Anthony Caltabiano
Photography Mark Nelson
Photography Stephen Childs
Photoshop/Lightroom Anthony Caltabiano
Physical Agents Michael Wong, PT
Physical Agents Penny K. Eccles
Physical Chemistry Carrie Miller
Physical education Sharon Lehman
Physical Education Cindy Tanis
Physical Education Diana Rudulph
Physical Education Jennette Diamond
Physical Fitness Gary Knecht
Physical Therapy Jan Kodat
Physical Therapy Julie Baga
Physical Therapy Adaptive Exercise Design for Disabled Athletes Daniel A. Farwell
Physics Timothy Heumier
Piano Rebecca Genzink
Piano Joel Clifft
Piano accompaniment Sam Wei-Chih Sun
Piano Instruction Crystal Rivette
Piano Literature Crystal Rivette
Piano Pedagogy Crystal Rivette
Piano Pedagogy Andrew Park
Piano Performance Tao Chang
Piano Performance Crystal Rivette
Piano Performance Andrew Park
Piano Performance Robert Sage
Plagiarism Adrien Lowery
Podcasting Daniel Horner
Poetry Katie Manning
Poetry and Fiction Pertaining to the Vietnam War Era Ralph Carlson
Political Behavior Abbylin H. Sellers
Political Philosophy Christopher Flannery
Political Problems in Developing Nations Daniel Palm
Political Science David Lambert
Politics Brooke Van Dam
Politics in China and Taiwan Daniel Palm
Popular culture Monica Ganas
Popular Culture Thomas Parham
Portfolio Preparation for the Studio Artist William Catling
Portrayal of Politics in Media Kyle Huckins
Positive Psychology Stephen Cochrane
Positive psychology/resiliency Michael Salce
Positive Youth Development Piljoo Kang
Post-1945 Art Jennifer Quick
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism Federico A. Roth
Postcolonial Hermeneutics Alice Yafeh-Deigh
Postcolonialism Michael Jimenez
Postmodernism Mark Eaton
Postmodern Theory Jeffrey Grubbs
Postmodern Theory and Theology Caleb D. Spencer
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Sheryn T. Scott
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Vicki Ewing
Practical musicianship Eniko St. Clair
Practical Musicianship Alexander Koops
Practical Musicianship Joel Clifft
Practical Theology Russell Duke
Practical Theology Cheryl Crawford
Practical Theology Paul Shrier
Practical Theology Keith J. Matthews
Preaching Kent Walkemeyer
Preceptor Development Katie McCoy-Hill
Preventative Marital Communication Ryan Montague
Prevention of risky behavior, depression, and suicide in at-risk youth Sheryl Tyson
Prevention of violence against women with emphasis on ethnic minority women Sheryl Tyson
Preventive and Palliative Care Gail Reiner
Primary area of study: History of British Art Lyrica Taylor
Printmaking Amy Fox
Printmaking Clovis Blackwell
Prior Learning Assessment Stephanie J. Fenwick
Prior Learning Assessment Richard Durfield
Problem Solving Randy Witt
Process Based Management Randy Witt
Process Improvement Robert Sylvia, Jr.
Professional Development Tasha Bleistein
Professional Development Among Language Educators Mary Shepard Wong
Professional Development of Non-Native English Speaking Teachers Richard Robison
Professional Ethics in Language Teaching and Christian Mission Richard Robison
Professional Management Robert E. Sylvia
Professional Studies Fred G. Garlett
Program and Curriculum Development (Traditional, Adult, Second Career, Graduate, Face to Face, Distance) Patricia Frohock Hanes, PhD, MSN
Program assessment and evaluation Laurie Lang
Program Development and Evaluation Rachel Castaneda
Program Evaluation Katharine Putman
Program Evaluation Adria Navarro
Program Evaluation Rebekah Harris
Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Koy Parada
Program Review Stephanie Juillerat
Project Management Robert Waltz
Project Management Daniel Horner
Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Rodney Ulrich
Prophets of the Bible Timothy Finlay
Prosecutorial Decision Making Jennifer E. Walsh
Psychiatric Grace Moorefield
Psychiatric Cheryl Mercurio
Psychiatric Mental Health Elizabeth Lopez
Psychiatric Mental Health James F. Adams
Psychiatric/Mental Health Sabrina Friedman
Psychiatric mental health and illness Sheryl Tyson
Psychiatric Nursing Arthur Don Johnson
Psychiatric Nursing Viann Duncan
Psychoanalysis Theresa Clement Tisdale
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy/Relational Psychoanalysis Joy Bustrum
Psycho-educational Assessment Lewis Bonney
Psycho-Educational Assessment Pedro Olvera
psycho-educational assessments in Spanish Robert Martin
Psycholegal Education Robert Welsh
Psychological Assessment David Brokaw
Psychological Assessment Jenss Chang
Psychological Assessment Robert Welsh
Psychological Foundations Chris Yoon
Psychological Skills Training Paul Saville
Psychology Arthur Don Johnson
Psychology Brian Eck
Psychology Linda Chiang
Psychology Chong Ho (Alex) Yu
Psychology Alan Oda
Psychology and Christianity Brian Eck
Psychology, Ethics, and Theology Integration Marv Erisman
Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Theresa Clement Tisdale
Psychopathology David Brokaw
Psychopharmacotherapy James F. Adams
Psychophysiological treatment methods used in mental skills training and treatment management Cindy Tanis
Psychotherapy James F. Adams
Public Art Lauren Evans
Public Education William Loose
Public Health Connie Brehm
Public Mural Projects William Catling
Public Policy Grace Bahng
Public Speaking Marcia S. Berry
Public Speaking Starla Anderson
Public Speaking Daniel Horner
Publishing History Kristen Sipper-Denlinger
Q, the Synoptic Gospels, and the Book of Acts Matthew Hauge
Qualitative research methods Sheryl Tyson
Quality and Safety Janet Wessels
Quality Management Robert Sylvia, Jr.
Quality of Care Marie N. Fongwa
Quantitative Analysis Roger Conover
Quantum Mechanics Carrie Miller
Reading Assessment and Development Daniel Doorn
Recruitment and Retention Murray Flagg
Reformation Theology Brian Lugioyo
Rehabilitation Cheryl Mercurio
Rehabilitation Cathy McPhee
Relational Database Systems Simon Lin
Relational Ministry/Leadership Doug Fields
Relationship Management Orlando Griego
Religion Matthew J. Smith
Religion Nori Henk
Religion and Literature Matthew J. Smith
Religion and Media Kyle Huckins
Religious Discourse Lawrence 'Ray' McCormick
Religious Epistemology John S. Park
Religious Perspectives on Education M. Roger White
Renaissance Cultural Studies James Fujitani
Renaissance literature Matthew J. Smith
Renaissance Performance Practice Claire Fedoruk
Representational Painting and Drawing Kari Dunham
Reproduction Cahleen Shrier
Research Sarah Fox
Research and Evaluation Lewis Bonney
Research and Writing Ruth Givens
Research in Psychology Alan Oda
Research Methodology Nori Henk
Research Methodology (Quantitative and Qualitative) Glen Green
Research Methods S. Pamela Shiao
Research Methods Gwen Anderson
Research Methods Chris Yoon
Research Methods David R. Dunaetz
Research Methods (Emphasis on Longitudinal and Survey Methods) Rachel Castaneda
Research Methods in Psychology Stephanie Juillerat
Restorative Justice Starla Anderson
Rhetorical Theory Lawrence 'Ray' McCormick
Rhetoric and religion Thomas Allbaugh
RNA Chemical Biology Kevin Sheng-Lin Huang
Role of the Cerebellum in Behavior Loren Martin
Roman Empire: Beginnings and Endings Edmund Mazza
Romantic and Victorian Literature Katie Manning
Root Cause Corrective Action Randy Witt
Sacramental/Incarnational Communication Guy Kinnear
Sacred Music John Sutton
Sacred Music Steven Brooks
Safety Administration Rose Murillo
Saint Augustine John S. Park
Sand Bradley McCoy
Saxophone David B. “Rusty” Higgins
SCAN Program Felicitas dela Cruz
Scenic Design Christopher Keene
Scenic Design for Theater David McGill
Scheduling Daniel Grissom
Scholarship in the Arts G. James Daichendt
School Administration Elizabeth Andersen
School Administration Daniel Elliott
School Business William Loose
School Counseling Michael Block
School Counseling David R. Morrison
School Health Linda Crawford
school neuropsychology Robert Martin
School Nursing Elizabeth Lopez
School Nursing Janice Haley
School psychology Michael Salce
School Psychology Pedro Olvera
School Psychology Randy Fall
School Reform Susan Warren
Science Fermin Jaramillo
Science and Religion William Yarchin
Science and Theology Paul Shrier
Science and Theology Leslie Wickman
Science Fiction and Fantasy Thomas Parham
Screenwriting Thomas Parham
Screenwriting Susan Isaacs
Screenwriting and Film Mark Eaton
Sculpture Macha Suzuki
Sculpture Charity Capili
Sculpture David Carlson
Sculpture Lauren Evans
Sculpture Jane Gillespie Pryor
Sculpture Clovis Blackwell
Secondary and Adult Education Erik Dahnke
Secondary area of study: Seventeenth-Century Dutch and Flemish Baroque painting Lyrica Taylor
Second Language Acquisition Richard Robison
Second Language Assessment Richard Robison
Semiotics Brent Everett Dickinson
Semiotics and the History of Biblical Interpretation Matthew Hauge
Senior Level Leadership William Loose
Sensor Development Christopher Bassey
Sensorimotor Scott Wood
Sentencing Policy Jennifer E. Walsh
Service Learning Nancy Lyons
Severe and Persistent Mental Illness Mark J. Souris
Simulation Melissa Muddell
Simulation in Nursing Karen E. Schaid
Simulation/Skills Lab Carmen Spalding
Singing David Kress
Sketch comedy Susan Isaacs
Small-Group Communication Ryan T. Hartwig
Smectic materials Bradley McCoy
Social Anthropology Richard Slimbach
Social Change Through the Simple Act of Knitting Adrien Lowery
Social Interaction Randy Fall
Social Justice and Multicultural Education Chinaka S. DomNwachukwu
Social Movements Nori Henk
Social Protection for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Grace Bahng
Social Psychology Priscila Diaz
Social Psychology Annie Tsai
Social Psychology David R. Dunaetz
Social Responsibility Rachel S. Bodell
Social Work Katy Tangenberg
Social Work Christine R. Guzman
Social Work Education Mary Rawlings
Social Work Teaching and Training Christine R. Guzman
Sociology Arthur Don Johnson
Sociology Kimberly B.W. Denu
Sociology of Religion, Ethnicity, Sectarianism Karen Strand Winslow
Softball coaching Sharon Lehman
Software Engineering James Aksel
Solid Phase Organic Synthesis Kevin Sheng-Lin Huang
Solitons Edwin Ding
Solo Piano Hannah Yi
Songwriting Karen Shackleton
Soul Music Kimasi Browne
Space and Life Science Leslie Wickman
Space Physiology Scott Wood
Spacesuit Technologies Leslie Wickman
Spanish American Colonial Literature César Aroldo Solórzano
Spanish American "Modernismo" César Aroldo Solórzano
Spanish Language Juan Guerrero
Spatial Orientation Scott Wood
Special Education Kate Scorgie
Special Education Donna Block
Special Education Law David Colachico
Special Education Law Stephen Cochrane
Spectroscopic Analysis of Chemical Compounds Jennifer Young
Spiritual Autobiography and Memoir Emily Griesinger
Spiritual Care Leslie Van Dover
Spiritual Care for the Homeless Pamela Cone
Spiritual Development of Emerging Adults William Whitney
Spiritual Formation Keith J. Matthews
Spiritual Formation Theresa Clement Tisdale
Spirituality Don Thorsen
Spirituality and Coping Katharine Putman
Spirituality and Leadership Keith J. Matthews
Spiritual Nursing Care Jane Pfeiffer
Sport Psychology Cindy Tanis
Sport Psychology Gary Knecht
Sports Medicine Sue Hebel
Sports Medicine for high school and college athletes Cindy Tanis
Sports Medicine (Prevention, Care, Treatment of Injuries) Cynthia McKnight
Sports Residency Design and Implementation Daniel A. Farwell
Staff Development Lois Sowers
Stage Deportment Ruby Hinds