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About the Center

What is the Kern Center for Vocational Ministry (KCVM)?

At KCVM, we believe that every follower of Christ is called to minister, regardless of their vocation. Some, however, are called to ministry as their vocation.

The KCVM assists students who are sensing God leading them to vocational pastoral ministry by helping them clarify their calling and qualify their giftedness. We serve students by:

Why is it Important?

As many seminary attendees are second-career men and women entering ministry at an older age, Christian churches are experiencing an alarmingly low number of pastors under the age of 35. The hope is that the number of second-career pastors will compensate for the lack of younger ministers. Unfortunately, reports show they will not be able to replace the number of pastors who will retire over the next ten to fifteen years.

As an evangelical university with a rich Christian heritage, Azusa Pacific University exists in part to serve the Church, and places a high priority on training Christian leaders. APU, in partnership with the Kern Family Foundation, is committed to implementing solutions at the undergraduate level that will address the need for more pastors.

We look forward to helping students impact their communities by fulfilling God’s call to vocational ministry.