Meet the Staff

Steve Quatro

For the past 15 years, Steve has directed a ministry that equips churches to reach out using the bridge of sports and recreation. Steve has immediate family members that have graduated from or done graduate work at APU, Biola, CSUN, CSUF, USC, Vanguard, and Westmont.

Favorite food: In-N-Out number 1, animal style
Favorite place in the world: Cabo
Would you rather be hot or cold? Hot
Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics? Racquetball
Why do you work at APU? I’m a Biola spy.

Jessica Charney

Jessica serves as a director of children’s ministry at a church in Santa Ana. She is working on her M.Div. at Azusa Pacific Seminary and is passionate about pursuing a career in ministry. In her “free time” Jessica enjoys spending time with her friend and her new husband and playing and watching sports as much as possible, especially soccer.

Favorite “girlie” movie: Father of the Bride
Favorite drink: Anything with coffee in it
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Beach or mountains: The beach...I'm a California girl
Guilty pleasure: Sushi, Sushi, and Sushi

Andrea Vaudrey

Andrea is the associate youth director at Glendora Community Church. She is working on her M.Div. at Azusa Pacific Seminary. For fun she enjoys reading fiction, going on runs, and watching movies with her husband.

Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite Book: The Little Prince and Boxcar Children #1
Country she hopes to visit soon: Italy
Favorite Cereal: Fruit Loops
Guilty pleasure: TV Series

Freddy Rivas

Freddy is currently the lead pastor at Iglesia Mirada de Fe in Pico Rivera. Born and raised in southern California, he enjoys serving in multicultural and multigenerational ministries. He received his B.A. in Biblical Studies from APU and his M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He loves spending his free time with his wife and three adorable children, and he likes to hike, run, camp, and play video games.

Favorite “man” movie: All the Bourne movies
Favorite drink: Water
Favorite APU Professor: Elizabeth Rivas (my wife)
Favorite thing to do on a sunny Saturday: Try to climb to the top of the nearest mountain
Country he hopes to visit soon: El Salvador
Favorite food: King Taco and pupusas
Guilty Pleasure: Having fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner