Undergraduate Majors

Do you take your spiritual development very seriously, enjoy theological questions, or find interest in ministry-related topics? God could be calling you into vocational ministry! Through APU’s School of Theology, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in one of the following areas and start following that calling today.

Biblical Studies Major

  • Develop a strong background in philosophy and Christian theology.
  • Graduate with a biblical basis for Christian ministry and evangelism.
  • Pursue a career in church or parachurch organizations, ministry, mission work, or pastoral studies.

Christian Ministries Major

  • Receive a broad perspective in the field of theology and academic preparation, involving both theory and professional training.
  • Take courses in Christian education, missions, pastoral work, urban ministry, and practical theology.

Theology Major

  • Prepare for graduate work in related disciplines and for Christian service in the Church and the world.
  • Gain a solid academic background involving both theory and praxis.

Youth Ministry Major

  • Take a 39-unit core of youth ministry coursework and 15 units in a cross-disciplinary concentration that intersects youth ministry.
  • Gain an understanding of theology within the context of young people and learn through academic study coupled with hands-on experience.