Student Pastor Forums (SPF)

The Center for Vocational Ministry is committed to helping those who sense a call to vocational ministry see that call become a reality. As a part of this formative process, we strive to place students in contact with those who have experience and engagement with pastoral ministry. Student Pastor Forums (SPF) are one of the avenues through which this is pursued.

SPFs allow students to have one-on-one time with a local pastor in a small-group setting, primarily to gain first-hand insights into pastoral ministry. SPFs foster an environment in which students have access to a primary source to hear and discuss relative issues, as well as ask pertinent questions about pastoral ministry. These forums are intended to provide students with a safe environment in which they can explore vocational ministry.

Realizing that individuals come from diverse backgrounds and hold different ministry goals, part of our initiative is to ensure that students have exposure to pastoral ministry from a variety of ministry contexts and experiences. Therefore, the Center for Vocational Ministry seeks to utilize and engage many different voices and perspectives in these dialogues.