Intentional Mentoring

Many individuals in pastoral ministry can affirm the significance and influence of one-on-one mentoring in both their initial exploration of vocational ministry and continual commitment to and involvement in ministry. Students sensing a call to vocational ministry are often faced with many questions and concerns that they do not have the answers to, or simply find themselves needing support in the process. With this in mind, the Center for Vocational Ministry places primary importance on providing students with the opportunity for intentional mentoring relationships.

Finding a mentor and asking someone to be a mentor can be an intimidating process. Therefore, we seek to eliminate some of this tension by initiating such mentoring relationships. There are two pastor-mentors regularly onsite to pray with and support students during their explorative and transitional processes in vocational ministry. CVM pastor-mentors have experience in pastoral ministry and have a heart for service towards students and those who are involved or seek to be involved in ministry as vocation.

To contact one of our pastor-mentors, please visit the contact information page.