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Anna Marie Hefner, MSN, MAEd, CPNP, RN

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Academic Experience
Hepatology Nurse Practitioner, SCTI Liver Center Research Foundation, Southern California Liver Centers, 2004 (December)

Faculty-Associate Professor, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa CA, 2002

Clinical Work
A Phase 3, randomized, open-label study of the safety and efficacy of two dose levels of Interferon Alfacon-1 plus Ribavirin administered daily for 48 weeks versus no-treatment in Hepatitis C infection patients who are nonresponders to previous Pegylated Interferon plus Ribavirin therapy. Sponsored by Intermune. Sub-investigator. March 2005.

Randomized double blind multi-center study to compare the safety and efficacy of viramidine to ribavirin in treatment naïve patients with chronic hepatitis C. Sponsored by Ribapharm. Sub-investigator. March 2004.

Industry Experience
Impact - Topics in Gastroenterology, December 2006

Challenges in Treating Special Populations: Nonresponders, Acute Infection, African Americans, and HIV Coinfected Patients, Colorado Nurses Association, June 2005

Coinfection Community Training Program, “Managing, Caring and Treating Patients Coinfected with HCV, HBV, and HIV”, San Franciso CA, April 2005

Hepatitis C Treatment: Today and Tomorrow, Northwestern University, June 2005

Intermune Hepatology Regional Advisory Board “Nonresponders: What’s Next?”, Laguna Beach CA, April 2005

Management of HCV-Associated Fibrosis, Northwestern University, June 2005

Management of Hepatitis C and Managing Side Effects: A Team-based Approach to Treatment, Colorado Nurses Association, June 2005

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