Tuition and Aid

Estimated Cost Breakdown

See the table below for the tuition charges and fees that comprise your estimated total program cost. Prices will be held constant for continuously enrolled students for the 24-month time period.

Undergraduate Application Fee for U.S. Students$45
Tuition ($752/unit) $54,144
Registration Fee $200
LVN to BSN Lab Fees ($200 per lab/clinical course) $2,400
Access Fee $200
Essay Fee ($40 per credit/unit earned) varies
Graduation Fee$80

*All Experiential Learning Portfolio credits are assessed at a rate of per semester hour (unit) earned. This includes credits earned through the professional schools/courses section as well as through the experiential learning essays section. This fee is separate from tuition.

A student’s assessment fee could vary from $40 to $1,200, depending on the number of essays submitted and credits earned. Essays are charged upon credit being awarded, not each time an essay is submitted for review. Payment is due upon receipt and billing. Any essays submitted during the third term or beyond must be accompanied by payment in full.

All stated financial information is subject to change. Please call (626) 815-5300 for more information.

Paying for Your Degree

APU offers a variety of ways to help you pay for your degree. From scholarships and grants, to loans and company reimbursement, we're committed to being sure that cost doesn't keep you from reaching your educational goals.

Learn more about the financial aid opportunities available to you.