Common Data Set

A. General Information (PDF)

Address and Contact Information (A1), Institutional Control (A2), Classification (A3), Calendar (A4), Degrees Offered (A5)

B. Enrollment and Persistence (PDF)

Institutional Enrollment (B1), Race/Ethnicity (B2), Degrees Awarded (B3), Graduation Rates (B4–11), Retention Rates (B22)

C. First-Time, First-Year (Freshman) Admission (PDF)

Applications (C1-2), Admission Requirements (C3-5), Basis for Selection (C6-7), SAT and ACT Policies (C8), Freshman Profile (C9-12), Admission Policies (C13-20), Early Decision and Early Action Plans (C21-22)

D. Transfer Admission (PDF)

Fall Applicants (D1-2), Application for Admission (D3-11), Transfer Credit Policies (D12-16)

E. Academic Offerings (PDF)

Special Study Options (E1), Required Coursework Areas (E3)

F. Student Life (PDF)

First-time, First-year (Freshman) Percentages (F1), Activities (F2), ROTC (F3), Housing (F4)

G. Annual Expenses (PDF)

Undergraduate Fees and Credits (G1-3), Estimated Expenses (G5)

H. Financial Aid (PDF)

Aid Awarded to Enrolled Undergraduates (H1), Number of Enrolled Students Receiving Aid (H2-5), Aid to Undergraduate International Students (H6), Process for First-year/Freshman Students (H7-11), Types of Aid Available (H12-14)

I. Instructional Faculty (PDF)

Number of Instructional Faculty (I1), Student-faculty Ratio (I2), Class Size (I3)

J. Degrees Conferred (PDF)

Degrees Conferred From July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011