A. General Information (PDF)

Address and Contact Information (A1), Institutional Control (A2), Classification (A3), Calendar (A4), Degrees Offered (A5)

B. Enrollment and Persistence (PDF)

Institutional Enrollment (B1), Race/Ethnicity (B2), Degrees Awarded (B3), Graduation Rates (B4–11), Retention Rates (B22)

C. First-Time, First-Year (Freshman) Admission (PDF)

Applications (C1-2), Admission Requirements (C3-5), Basis for Selection (C6-7), SAT and ACT Policies (C8), Freshman Profile (C9-12), Admission Policies (C13-20), Early Decision and Early Action Plans (C21-22)

D. Transfer Admission (PDF)

Fall Applicants (D1-2), Application for Admission (D3-11), Transfer Credit Policies (D12-16)

E. Academic Offerings (PDF)

Special Study Options (E1), Required Coursework Areas (E3)

F. Student Life (PDF)

First-time, First-year (Freshman) Percentages (F1), Activities (F2), ROTC (F3), Housing (F4)

G. Annual Expenses (PDF)

Undergraduate Fees and Credits (G1-3), Estimated Expenses (G5)

H. Financial Aid (PDF)

Aid Awarded to Enrolled Undergraduates (H1), Number of Enrolled Students Receiving Aid (H2-5), Aid to Undergraduate International Students (H6), Process for First-year/Freshman Students (H7-11), Types of Aid Available (H12-14)

I. Instructional Faculty (PDF)

Number of Instructional Faculty (I1), Student-faculty Ratio (I2), Class Size (I3)

J. Degrees Conferred (PDF)

Degrees Conferred From July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011