Meet the Staff

One Stop Staff

Angie Di Claudio, Director of One Stop: Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center

Saundra O’Connor, Senior Student Service Advisor
Susanna Vaughan, Senior Student Service Advisor
Barbara Esquivel, Student Service Advisor
Mark Sevillano, Student Service Advisor
Megan Copsey, Student Service Advisor
Michelle Cross, Student Service Advisor
Nicole Smith, Student Service Advisor
Ray Austin, Student Service Advisor
Craig Smith, Communications Coordinator

Michelle Foulger, Assistant Registrar; Academic Progress

Nathan Araujo, NCAA Academic Specialist
Anneliese Trujillo, Temp Academic Specialist
Laura Clark, Academic Specialist
Jeremy McCabe, Academic Specialist
Renee Jeleniowski, Academic Specialist

Stephen Fahey, Associate Director of Client Services and Marketing

Rhonda Moreno, Senior Student Account Specialist
Sharon Gomez, Senior Student Account Specialist
Maura Taylor, Student Account Specialist
Raymond Benas, Student Account Specialist

Enrollment and Financial Services Staff

Todd Ross, Executive Director of Undergraduate Academic and Student Financial Services

Greta Buehler, Project Manager, SFS Data Systems
Stephen Fahey, Associate Director of Client Services and Marketing
Barbara Wells, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director

John Mark Wiedefeld, Director of Financial Aid

Sandi Demascio, Assistant Director Compliance
David Ferris, Senior Financial Aid Officer
Heather Hamm, Financial Aid Officer and NCAA Liaison
Ralph Araujo, Financial Aid Officer
Jenny Green, Financial Aid Officer
Melissa Cummings, Financial Aid Officer
Naomi Spinella, Financial Aid Officer
Debbie McCorkell, Senior Loan Officer
Connie McFate, Loan Officer

Mona Mikhail, Associate Registrar

Michelle Foulger, Assistant Registrar; Academic Progress
Sarah Schmidt, Transcript Coordinator

Tony Gjessing, Associate Registrar Undergraduate Data Systems

Camry Donnelly, Articulation Administrator
Melinda Blunt, Transfer Evaluation Specialist
Scott Douglas, Senior Data Analyst
Alvin Balatbat, Data Systems Administrator
Nathan Chakerian, Data Systems Administrator
Houri Hagopian, Data Analyst
Artemis Tadjiki, Data Processing Associate
Tyler Uhl, Study Abroad/Transfer Evaluation Specialist

Mark Woolery, Associate Director of Data Systems

Eric White, Data Analyst, Student Financials
Jonathan Cummings, Data Analyst, Financial Aid
Jackie Mclean, Data Processor, Financial Aid