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About the Program

The Center for Global Learning & Engagement's Azusa Oxford Semester has enabled 15 junior and senior students to become associate students at several Oxford University colleges in Oxford, England every fall and spring semester since 2001. The program is administered in affiliation with the Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies (OPUS).

The Azusa Oxford Semester uniquely offers students a one-on-one method of study with Oxford tutors. Students spend time weekly, learning and tailoring these tutorials to their personal interests and tutor's expertise, for a highly individualized course experience. They are expected to possess well-defined academic objectives, intellectual maturity, self-discipline, and evidence of excellence in writing and research. A minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.40 or higher and a minimum major GPA of 3.6 or higher for undergraduates is required for admission to the program.

Students are assimilated culturally, socially, and spiritually by becoming involved in their individual college extracurriculars, OPUS program field trips, and the APU student development coordinator's "Faith and Learning" gatherings. Although the Azusa Oxford Semester is intentional about forming student community, it is expected that students will grow in self-sufficiency; making this semester very much their own.

Below are the program objectives:

For additional information, contact a global engagement mentor at the Center for Global Learning & Engagement at (626) 857-2440.