Earn 13-16 Units of Credit

British History, Culture, and Society (3 units)
Primary Tutorial (6 units)
Secondary Tutorial (3 units)
Faith and Learning Colloquium (1 unit)
Optional Online Course: Theology and the Christian Life (3 units)

British History, Culture, and Society (HIST 235)

All students are expected to attend and participate in this group seminar. This course will offer elective units in British History. Topics for the group seminar include: British History 1815-1924, British History Since 1900, and British Politics.

Primary Tutorial in Major

During the regular Oxford University term (10 weeks), students meet regularly with a tutor for a course of guided study distinctive to their interests and curricular needs. During the first meeting, the tutor and student agree on the precise topics to be studied. There are a minimum of 5 hours of subsequent one-on-one tutorial meetings for which the student writes essays (usually about 1500-2000 words) and is given an oral examination.

Secondary Tutorial in Major or Minor

Similar to the primary tutorial, this tutorial consists of the planning meeting followed by a minimum of four hours of tutorials with essays.

Faith and Learning Colloquium (MINC 360)

All participants are expected to attend and participate in the weekly colloquium on Faith and Learning. This course offers study abroad students an opportunity to explore ways of purposeful and thoughtful integration of faith and learning. Through critical reflections, it encourages students to reject the compartmentalization of faith and academia, embrace God’s lordship over all, and develop deep-rooted beliefs that impact their academic and personal lives. Requirements for the course will vary with the semester, as directed, but students should expect some essays and small group discussion.

Theology and the Christian Life (THEO 303)

This course provides an introduction to the doctrines of the Christian Church, focusing on the Christian life and its relationship to theology. The course approaches theology from an inductive method in the Wesleyan tradition, helping the student learn to think theologically from the Scriptures, orthodox ecumenical tradition, experience, and reason. Meets the General Education core requirement in God's Word and the Christian Response (Doctrine). Prerequisites: 3 units of biblical studies, MIN 108; PHIL 220, HUM 224, or HUM 324; or department permission. MIN 108 is waived as a prerequisite for students transferring 60 or more units. All other prerequisites apply.