Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Oxford?
Oxford is located in southeast England in a county called Oxfordshire. It is approximately 60 miles from London, which is one and a half hours by bus.

How will I get around while in Oxford?
The cheapest, most convenient way of getting around the city is to walk. Your living area will be within walking distance from your Oxford College and the city center. Many people in Oxford either walk or ride bicycles. The bus system is a great resource as well and goes everywhere in the city. Taxis can also be useful to you, especially if you are going somewhere late in the evening. They can sometimes be quite expensive, however, so if you are planning to travel by taxi it is a good idea to go in a group. Generally speaking, you will be walking a lot in Oxford, on average no less than three miles per day.

Does a semester in Oxford cost the same as a semester on the main APU campus?
Tuition fees for the Azusa Oxford Semester are the same as a semester on the main campus, and housing charges are comparable as well. However, students must pay for their own airfare to and from the United Kingdom. In addition, there is no meal plan available in Oxford, so students must have enough funds available to purchase food throughout the semester. Students must also have money available to travel during the travel breaks should they desire to do so. In addition, all students who study abroad through Azusa Pacific University must purchase the required international medical insurance. For more information on fees and costs for the Azusa Oxford Semester, please visit

What is the housing like and who will I live with?
Housing in Oxford is very different than it is at APU. Students will be living in flats (tall, skinny houses with floors stacked on top of each other) with students from APU and from other colleges in the United States. Each student has his/her own bedroom, and common areas like the kitchen and bathrooms are shared. The different housing assignments are located in areas all throughout Oxford. For a fee, students may choose to live in “upgraded housing” which contains additional accommodations or is in a better location then non-upgraded housing. All housing contains a fully functioning kitchen, at least one bathroom with a shower, and a communal living area. It is important to remember that all of the buildings in Oxford are older than is common here - part of the experience is living in a place slightly different than what you are used to. All housing will be located within walking distance of your Oxford College and the city center.

What is an Oxford College? How is an Oxford College different from Oxford University?
Just as the USA is made up of 50 separate states, so Oxford University is comprised of 38 different colleges. Each of the Oxford Colleges has its own dining hall, library, chapel, and JCR (Junior Common Room - think student life), and each has its own history and quirks as well. However, they all operate as parts of Oxford University, with the same standards for academic excellence and the same rules and regulations. Students will be placed (according to space availability and subject areas) at one Oxford College as a visiting student. This will allow them to participate in extracurricular activities, as well as to use the college library and dining facilities. All students will also be inducted into Oxford University’s main library, the Bodleian.

Will I be a member of the same college as other APU students?
The college you are assigned to is dependant on the particular subjects you are studying as well as available space. In the past, students have been placed at one of the following: Hertford College, New College, Christ Church College, or St. Catherine’s. It is fairly common for multiple APU students to be members of the same college. Information regarding your college placement will not be available until you arrive in Oxford at the start of the program.

Do I have the same privileges as regular Oxford University undergraduates?
Because you will be a visiting student, you will not have all of the same privileges as regular Oxford University undergrads. However, it won’t affect you too much. The most common limitation is that although you are able to check out books from your college library, you will not be permitted to check out books from certain faculty libraries. Other than that, you can participate in almost all other activities and privileges available to non-visiting Oxford students.

Can I participate in extracurricular activities while in Oxford?
Yes! Fall students have a slight advantage when it comes to signing up for sports teams, clubs, and organizations because activities start up again for all of these groups during the fall. However, there are multiple opportunities to get involved during both semesters. The best way to do so would be to talk to other students with interests similar to yours, hang out in your college JCR, look for flyers posted about upcoming events and activities, talk to the JCR president, and get involved in a local church. In the past, students have participated in many different kinds of activities, including drama, fencing, rugby, rowing (crew), salsa dancing, soccer, and many more!

Can I get a job while at Oxford?
No. As a student visitor, it would violate the immigration laws of the United Kingdom for you to seek employment during your semester abroad. Under no circumstances will you be able to legally work in the UK during your visit as a participant in the Azusa Oxford Semester.

Do I need a visa to study abroad in the United Kingdom?
As long as you are enrolled in a study program that is part of your degree program here at APU, staying in the UK for less than six months, and not seeking employment of any kind, you do not need a visa to participate in the Azusa Oxford Semester. You will be staying in the country as a “student visitor”. If accepted to the program, the Center for Global Learning and Engagement will provide you with paperwork to assist you in getting through customs. A visa is not required unless you are planning to stay in Oxford for more than six months.

Will I have any opportunities to travel?
Yes! Each semester, students have about a week that is officially set aside for travel. During the travel breaks, program participants have time off from classes to go wherever they want. In the past, students have used the travel break to visit countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, and Scotland, among others. In addition, students make their own flight arrangements to and from the United Kingdom. It is common for students to arrive in Oxford before the program begins or stay for a few weeks after the program ends to allow for additional travel around the European continent.