Tuition and Fees

Cost of Oxford Semester

Cost for the Oxford Semester is roughly equivalent to living on campus. An increase in cost for the program results from application fees, housing, international health insurance, and travel expenses. For Azusa Pacific University students, institutional and federal financial aid and academic scholarships automatically transfer to this study abroad program. Program costs are subject to change. Please see the senior student account specialist in the One Stop office for more details, or call (626) 812-3009.

Visiting students must check with their home university regarding the transfer of financial aid for participation in the Azusa Oxford Semester.

Payable to Azusa Pacific University

Full-time Tuition SOC* $16,258 (2014–15 academic year)
Program Fees $3,640
On-campus Insurance (option to waive) $850
International Health Insurance (required for registration) $100
University Service Fee $290
Total $21,138 (with on-campus insurance) OR $20,288 (with only international insurance)

*Same as student living on campus

Note: All rates are based on current APU student charges and are subject to change.

Payment Deadlines


  • First Payment – June 15
  • Final Payment – July 31


  • First Payment – November 10
  • Final Payment – December 10

Estimated Personal Expenses

Airline tickets are not included in the above costs for the semester. Students will need money for their ticket, meals, and transportation around Oxford. They may also need money for books, library fees, entertainment and travel. The exact amount will vary based on individual financial choices. It's recommended that students allow a minimum of $2500 per term. Please note that changing exchange rates will affect how much money in U.S. Dollars students will need for their semester abroad – it is a good idea to periodically check exchange rates websites.