Spring 2003

Spring 2003 State of the University Address

The Increasing Need for Higher Education
In March of 1832, Abraham Lincoln said, “On the subject of education. . . I can only say that I view it as the most important subject that we as a people can be engaged in.”

It is estimated that over the next decade there will be an 11 percent increase in new undergraduate enrollments at campuses with a religious affiliation.

It is estimated that more than 300,000 teachers will be needed in the next decade in California alone. (Yes, despite the recent budget issues, the need for teachers will keep growing.)

Higher education directed toward the adult learner (25 years or older) is estimated to grow in excess of 16 percent over the next 10 years (according to the College Board). We live in a world, a nation, a state, and a community where change is occurring at the speed of light. Education will continue to be the key ingredient preparing an educated work force for a society dependant on ever increasingly complex solutions.

APU is preparing to address one of the most significant systemic problems in health care today. We hope to soon have approval for our fifth doctoral program - a Ph.D. in Nursing - to prepare future nursing faculty that are needed in nursing schools around the country.

The need for higher education is compounded by today's difficult economic realities faced by families in California.

With a tough economy, and a need to provide resources for our incoming students, APU has increased next year’s scholarship package by $1.95 million dollars, equaling almost $13.5 million in institutional aid.

APU is committed to our Azusa Scholars Program, with a goal of awarding five $5,000 scholarships each year, totaling up to 20 Azusa scholars, during any given year.

Short-term Campus Development
In the spirit of stewardship, it is important to address the implications of both the growing need for higher education and the growth in the number of students seeking entrance to college. For APU, this means that we must have adequate facilities and resources to accommodate our expanding student needs, as well as those expressed by our local community. Let me share a few exciting highlights of what we are doing right now to meet student needs this fall.

  • The $12.5 million John and Marilyn Duke Academic complex will be completed this May. More than 60,000 square-feet – 12 new classrooms, 6 seminar rooms, a lecture hall, 40 faculty offices and our university's third library.
  • The $14 million Trinity Residence Hall will be completed in July. Nearly 100,000 square-feet – 350 new beds, providing living spaces and services.
  • The $2 million expansion of the Heritage Café, to provide dining for students, faculty and staff on the West Campus, will be completed this summer.

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